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KidZania Frisco: The First Ultimate Mini-City for Kids

Do not visit before getting these essential tips for visiting Kidzania Frisco

Location: In Stonebriar Centre, Frisco.

We were hosted by KidZania USA, now open in Stonebriar Centre in Frisco, TX – known as KidZania Frisco. It’s the first location in the United States, right here in Dallas.

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It’s a totally new concept to the U.S. but well known in big cities around the world like London, Tokyo and Mexico City. 

You can find it on the second level of the Stonebriar Centre in Frisco, Texas (the big red building), in between Dillard’s and Nordstrom.

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What is Kidzania Frisco?

It’s a city for Kids and run by Kids, with its own language (say Kai, not Hi!), constitution and currency – KidZos, based on a successful model in global cities and this is the first one, known as KidZania US.

Kidzania Frisco

Kids can explore independently in an 80,000 square foot town, set up to be realistic and ready for Role Play learning and interaction. They build real life skills here.

The first thing you see is the Boeing 737-500 fuselage, indicating that you are entering via check-in at the airport, followed by the security process. Kids can train to pilot the aircraft too!

Kidzania Frisco

KidZania Frisco has 55 buildings, which include stores, a bank, a TV station, an aviation academy, restaurants, an optometrist, a hospital, a university, a theater and a fire station. 

What can Kids do there?

Staffed by Zupervisors, they guide kids aged 4-14 through a series of “jobs” and “experiences” suited to their talents and interests.

Each activity has a time allowance, 20 minutes – 40 minutes (for the Theater show!), age minimums and indicates the number of Kids allowed at one time.

Most of the activities at Kidzania can accommodate 6 to 12 kids at a time and can last between 20 to 40 minutes. Education is a huge focus at KidZania.

Kidzania Frisco

They can learn to be a firefighter, police officer, fashion model, actor, chef, airplane pilot, vet, doctor, dentist, graphic designer, window washer, recycling experts, deliver mail, be a fitness instructor and learn to be NICU nurses in the Texas Health Hospital.

They can learn to play music or record a podcast and film a vlog.

Kidzania Frisco

If they are unsure of what to do, they can attend the SMU College – KidZania University or head to the Employment Office to do a survey to see what they may be good at! 

They can spend their KidZos in the nail salon or climbing the rock wall and redeem in the store or merchandise cart.

Kidzania Frisco

They can open a bank account and add their KidZos to their own debit card to learn about saving and spending.

We love that they can try different things, from being a news anchor on WFAA-TV to being a veterinarian. This opens their minds to what they may want to do when they grow up and see how it fits into a Community city where they might live.

To ride on the fire truck and go put out a simulation of a burning building, they’ll have to undergo training at the fire station. Only students who work in the fashion boutique can put on a fashion show in the theater. 

A camera crew from the TV station can be dispatched to get the news story and most if not all jobs require some level of training to do them.

Kidzania Frisco

What do Parents need to know about Kidzania Frisco?

Parents can drop off children ages 8 and older and can shop in the Mall while their Kids enjoy KidZania Frisco. They are being watched on CCTV and there are security and trained staff situated around the City to help any Kids that need it. 

You can stay and enjoy free Wi-Fi in the “Parents lounge” and track your children wearing radio frequency identification tags on their wristbands. Cameras are everywhere, and adults in town must be accompanied by a minor.

Parents are not allowed inside the activity room itself but there are glass windows and seating all around the City.

Parents can also participate as spectators in some places like the Theater, TV Studio, and Interactive Restaurants.

Security is paramount

When you check in at the airport you and your kids wear wristbands and they capture your names. Kids are only allowed to leave with the parent or adult they came with.
They check! Adults cannot enter without a Child with them.

There is no re-entry, so be prepared to stay to make the most of the experience or drop your older kids to pick them up later.

Kidzania Frisco

Tips for Kids with Special Needs

A parent or guardian can accompany Kids with special needs and elevators are available for easy access to both floors. 

How much does a KidZania Ticket cost?

To get tickets for Kidzania Frisco, it’s $39.95 per child aged 6 – 14 and $14.95 per adult and preschooler (4-5 years) admission for a 4-hour city pass.

Babies and Toddlers 3 and under are free.

You can buy online ahead of time or at the check-in desk.  This easily covers 3-4 hours of entertainment – there is a LOT to do! There are no annual passes at this time.

The ticket only covers access for the day/time slot you purchased (food, drinks, and merchandise are not included).

It includes KidZos and a bank card which can be redeemed against purchases at the Department Store.

Kidzania Frisco

What is the best age for Kidzania Frisco?

It’s designed for ages 4-14 but we think the sweet spot is 7-12 to be able to do the most amount of activities.

Kidzania Frisco

What can Toddlers do at Kidzania Frisco?

There is an area for Toddlers up to age 4, with a pretend grocery store, STEM area and play equipment and climbing wall for kids up to 4ft tall.

They also have a small motorized car play area too.

Loyalty Program

You can enroll for the B-KidZanian Pazzport Membership – which gives the Kids extra Benefits. It’s designed so that the more skills that CitiZens learn to build a better world, the more benefits they’ll earn.

Naturalized CitiZens receive a stamp in their PaZZport and an additional 2 kidZos for each activity they complete, plus 5% off at the National Store.

They can level up to Distinguished CitiZenship with 30 stamps in the PaZZport and enjoy express access to KidZania, special activities reserved just for Distinguished CitiZens, a free fountain beverage, 10% off at the National Store, and access to special offers and events. 

When they get 60 total stamps, Honorable CitiZens enjoy all the benefits of being KidZanian, as well as eligibility for the KidZania CongreZZ, as leaders to design the next generation experience at KidZania.

Kidzania Frisco

Where can I eat or get a drink in KidZania?

They have 7-Eleven, Mooyah Burgers, Pie FIve Pizza and Zweet TreatZ Bakery. 

You’ll need cash or card to pay for food and drinks which are available for purchase as you check in.

What Discounts are there?

Field trips will get a discounted per head rate when you email your inquiry and teachers get free adult admission when chaperoning school field trips

If you show Teacher ID and are Military service members, Veterans and First Responders you’ll get 10% off adult admission with proper ID, also at the counter.

Groups and Parties at Kidzania Frisco

They encourage Field Trips and offer cheaper pricing in a group and also offer Birthday Party options.

For birthday party inquiries, please e-mail 

We loved our visit and cannot wait to go again! Tell us what you think or ask any questions so that we can get them answered for you.