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How to Survive the DMV

How to survive the DMV

At the top of anyone’s worst-things-to-do list is one of the most dreaded chores like going to the DMV to renew your license, take a drivers test, or having to change names on the legal documentation.

I say “dreaded” because if you’ve lived in Texas or Plano long enough you’ve heard horror stories of hours and hours of waiting time and other issues.

Luckily, Plano Moms know some tricks to help you to create a better experience with new ideas and recommendations.

How do you get a Drivers’ Permit and License for a Teen?

This can be difficult to navigate, especially as the process and rules differ in Texas compared to other States.

Here is our fantastic guide and tips on how to Survive the DMV in Plano, Texas.

The DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) is located in a few places across the metroplex.

You will find a few locations that might be closer to you and limit the time you spend going to and from your local DMV. The people are pleasant enough but the bureaucracy is painful, as we all know. Try visiting the three locations listed below and research a bit online prior to calling.

The good news is that you can renew do a lot of these online in today’s connected world. Thankfully, by checking DMV websites, you will be able to review specifics to see if you qualify for online renewal and changes.

A new change is available which allows assures that you can MAKE AN APPOINTMENT to ‘check in’ online. Honestly, this benefit alone will save you hours and avoid a lot of frustration!

How to survive the dmv

Make an On-Line Appointment

  • Renew/Replace your DL
  • Get a First Time Texas DL/ID/Permit
  • Change Address or Name
  • Take a Written Test or Add Endorsement

I can speak from personal experience about the DMV subject matter in Plano because recently I had to renew my driver’s license. I knew it was time because I received a renewal reminder in the mail.

Had it not been for the notification, I may have forgotten altogether. 6 years ago I renewed online so now I had to physically go to the office this time around. Poor me! I was dreading this all summer long!

I got up early one morning and went to this website, clicked to renew my driver’s license, chose the Plano location and was able to check in online. You should do this at 7am! 8.30 might be too late to get an appointment.

I received a phone text with an appointment date to arrive which saved a vast amount of precious little time that I have due to family obligations.

Upon arrival, the line was literally around the corner of the building stretching for about one block and seemingly with hundreds of people. It looked like people had been waiting for hours! (and come to find out they actually had!) They started calling out appointment times and once they called mine I was able to get in, sign in and get a number.

Next, the waiting started. I had to wait about 50 minutes until my number was called. This was agony.

It was hot, people were frustrated, and it felt like forever!

Just be prepared that even when you have an appointment you will have to wait

Here are my tips in order to save you time, ensure the DMV experience in Plano better, and at least, try to make it as enjoyable as is humanly possible:

  1. If you can renew or make changes online then do this first! That’s the best possible outcome, by far and away!
  2. If you have to go in person definitely make an appointment, in advance. I recommend trying to arrange everything online first and make your appointment before 10 am (this will get you in earlier on the day of the appointment so the DMV won’t be as backed up as it would be normally!)
  3. Bring reading material, your mobile device, or try to get something to do when you wait like a crossword puzzle!
  4. Without a doubt, do NOT bring your children with you (if you don’t have to!)
  5. Try to make a visit to the DMV in the middle of the work week, such as Tuesdays through Thursdays, and not in the summertime (if you don’t have to!)

We also recommend the following:

The best way to save time at the DMV is to avoid going there at all! The DMV offers two dozen online services and you can access most of them from one place – your MyDMV account.

Here are just a few of the things you can do online:

  • Address Change. They will mail you a new driver’s license and set new vehicle registration cards.
  • Register a Vehicle Purchased from a Texas Dealer. You can transfer existing license plates or they will mail new plates. Most cars, trucks, and motorcycles are eligible.
  • Vehicle Registration Renewal. They will mail the registration and decal.
  • Personalized License Plate Order. Build a preview of your plate, check the number and order it all at once!
  • Duplicate Registration. This is even easier. Print it right from your computer.
  • Duplicate Driver’s License, ID Card or Instruction Permit. They will mail the license to you unless you need to go in person.
  • Driver History Printout. Print a full report from your computer.
  • Insurance Verification. If you get a verification request, respond online or call. Don’t take payment receipts to a DMV office. Insurance must be verified electronically by the carrier. There is no reason to go to an office for insurance problems unless they ask you to.

DMV in Plano, Texas

Location: 2109 W. Parker Rd, Suite 224, Plano, TX 75023

Phone: 972- 867-4221


Hours: Monday to Friday: 8am – 5pm


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