how to recycle in Plano

How to Recycle in Plano

Whether you are a new citizen or have lived here for awhile you might not know that the city of Plano has an excellent recycling plan. The city is here to help with all of your needs as it is doing its part in taking care of the Earth and the environment. Here’s all the information on how to recycle in Plano.

Environmental Waste is a huge party of the city. We reached out to the outreach and community coordinator to get some information to share with you. They sent us this great info all about environmental waste services offered in the city.

how to recycle in Plano

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How To Recycle in Plano

Plano offers single-stream curbside recycling every other week.  Residents in single-family homes should have GREEN carts to collect their recyclables.  Single stream means that all accepted items can go into the same cart.  These items include – paper, cardboard, plastic bottles and containers, glass and metal cans.  These items should be placed in the carts – unbagged.  If recyclables are placed in black trash bags, they will go straight to the landfill, as the workers will assume it’s trash. Carts should be placed at your curb by 7 am the morning of your scheduled collection and placed at least 2 feet from other carts or obstacles. Get a complete list of acceptable items.

If residents live in apartments and their complex doesn’t offer recycling, they can take their recyclables to any public library in town, or Plano Municipal Center.  Check out all of these drop off locations.

There are several items that Plano also collects OUTSIDE the green cart.  These items shouldn’t go in the recycle or trash carts.

Yard trimmings are collected weekly in large brown paper yard waste bags.  Check out more information.



Drop-off Recycle Centers in Plano

  • Electronics – we offer electronics collections the first 3 Saturdays a month at various churches in Plano.  They will accept anything that has a plug or runs on batteries.  They will even accept batteries.  Check out more info on electronics and centers. 
  • Household Hazardous Chemicals – this includes paint, cleaning agents, pool supplies, etc. Plano offers a FREE collection for these items just by calling our Environmental Waste Services at 972-769-4150 and scheduling a pickup.  More information can be found.
  • Textiles and Household goods – We prefer that residents donate unwanted household goods and clothing to local charities or churches, but if that option is not available – Plano offers a free curbside collection by Simple Recycling.  Residents need to put their orange Simple Recycling bags out on their regular recycling collection day for pick up.  No need to call – just put the bag out.  More information can be found here: 

If residents are unsure of their collection days – they can refer to the maps and interactive maps.

Get Educated on How to Recycle in Plano

Plano’s SEED division also offers FREE education sessions to Plano residents and businesses on recycling and other sustainability topics. They would be happy to come speak to your groups.  More information on the classes offered

A special thanks to the city’s Environmental and Outreach Education Recycling Program. For more information please visit the city’s website residential services. 



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