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How to reach the city with Fix it Plano

Fix it Plano allows us to report issues around the city

In the past year, my husband and I have started biking around Plano trails.

One thing we never realized before is that there are a lot of trails in town. You should look up the map here if you are interested too.

A lot of bike groups are also out and about on good weather days especially during weekends. The two of us still feel very amateurish to join them and we try to keep ourselves to the trails and sidewalks of the city’s residential neighborhoods.

During one of our rides we noticed that the rest area between PSA and Carpenter Park Recreation center (Preston Meadow Dr and Coit Rd) which mainly caters to little kids playing soccer or baseball actually has a bike repair and air station.

Bicycle Pump Plano Trail Picture

We were so excited to see this that we stopped by to check if it worked and to our dismay it did not.

“Oh Well, at least they tried,” we muttered under our breath as we got back on our bikes and headed on our trail.

Biking on the trail

Apparently, they tried and “we” as citizens of Plano can help them maintain it too. When I brought this up with my friend who works with the city, she showed me how to bring it up to the notice of Plano Parks and Rec! It is really easy and intuitive.

Two simple steps:

  1. Go to FIx-It-Plano or use the APP on your phone and follow the simple steps.
  2. I followed the links to Parks and Recreation and wrote a brief note with what needed to be fixed and also added a photo.

All this from the convenience of my cell phone standing right next to the equipment that needed fixing.

Within 24 hours, they reached back to me assuring that someone will take a look at it in the next 3-4 days. I was so excited!

With one success story in our kitty, we decided to also write to them about the bad sidewalk situation in our old neighborhood. This time it was to the Public Works Department and within 24 hours someone had come by and marked the bad sidewalk with spray paint. I hope their intent is to come at a later date and repair it.

I will keep y’all updated about their status. I am super excited that we can easily communicate with the city to help us live normal life. It is good to see our tax money working.

My love for Plano that started 14 years ago is still going strong! Plano Strong!

Thank you to Anu Russell, for her guest post!

She says I am a Plano Mom and love to write. I enjoy eating out and spending time with my family biking and hiking in Plano trails and around DFW. I have traveled a lot but enjoying being home the most. I am hoping I can write for Plano Moms about my experiences here. 

I have a 10 year old in PISD and I am full time employed as an Architect. I moved to DFW in 2004 and have lived major part of it in Plano.