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If you ask most parents to describe the way their children are learning math at school, you will hear a lot of frustration and confusion. “I have a college degree and I don’t understand the first-grade homework!” some parents say. “Why can’t they just teach it the way I learned it?” others ask.

The idea behind the Texas state standards (TEKS) used in today’s elementary schools is that children will develop mathematical thinking. They will have number sense and be able to understand what they are doing when they solve math problems, not just the rules for solving them. They will be able to approach problems in different ways and find multiple solutions.

The difficulty, of course, is that in a classroom of 20 or more children of varying abilities, on a time schedule and preparing for tests required by the state, is that children don’t have enough opportunity to use the hands-on materials that they need to develop this mathematical thinking. They need to be able to derive and discover concepts for themselves so that they will remember them long term and start applying them to other situations.


Growing IQ is not a tutoring center, but an enrichment program that yields long-term results. The highly trained and well-qualified teachers can help the children who struggle with math, and can also take the children who excel at math to new heights. They approach math from the perspective that math is in the world all around us. It’s not a separate subject only used at school- it is a key part of art, music, nature, technology, science, engineering, cooking, and so much more.

At Growing IQ, students come for two-hour sessions once a week and they are usually not ready to leave. Students play games, create art and crafts, build things, explore math manipulatives, and listen to music. All the while teachers use math vocabulary and guide children toward the concepts that will build their foundation of math. They also teach spatial reasoning, logical analysis and critical thinking, skills important to success in math (and all learning) but not addressed by school standards.


At Growing IQ, children are given that time and opportunity.

As Eileen Horng, a parent of two students said: “My two children have been taking classes at GROWING IQ for more than three years now. The difference is in the approach to math. GROWING IQ does not focus on math concepts per se; learning math concepts is a positive by-product but not the purpose of the instruction. Rather the focus is on how to reason, problem solve through experimentation, and apply past learning to new situations.” Eileen is a former elementary school teacher and has earned a Ph.D. in Education from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). She was also formerly the Director of Research, Assessment, and Accountability for the Redwood City School District and Associate Director for the Institute for Research on Education Policy and Practice (IREPP) at Stanford University. She is currently an independent education research consultant.

Growing IQ also offers a revolutionary toddler program called Math Music Motion (M-cubed or M3) that is focused on child development from a neurological perspective. M3 will help your child become a curious, creative learner, critical thinker, and problem solver! The curriculum is designed to cross-correlate both Math and Music to stimulate the different parts of the brain and its functions leading to the development of interconnected pathways which promote higher IQ, improved mental functioning, academic advantage and the development of many important skills. Motion encompasses a great portion of both gross & fine motor skills allowing for complex relationships to form between environmental stimuli, and the body’s reaction to color, pattern, sound and much more.

For more details, please look at their websites & and facebook pages & to get an idea of what they do. Check out Growing IQ’s 5 themed weeks of fun summer camp.

Growing IQ can help any child become a mathematician! Call or email them to schedule a free trial class for your child and remember to mention ‘PLANOMOMS’ to get 20% discount for life. This offer end 30th September 2017.



Shannon is Mommy to 2 kids, Wife, and Teacher. She was born and raised in Plano. After graduating from Baylor (sic' em!!) she returned to Plano to teach. With two young kids attending Plano Schools, she is a true Plano Mom (and a soccer Mom!!). She loves writing about parenting topics and fun events for kids around town.

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