Grocery Pick-up & Delivery Services Available in Plano, TX

Grocery & Restaurant Pick-Up and Delivery Services

Grocery & Restaurants Pick up and Delivery Services

Pick up and delivery services Plano TX

Here are some great choices for grocery pick up and delivery services available in Plano.

Aside from Picking up Curbside or getting Take-out Delivery, we are all cooking more, right?

Plan ahead.

Most delivery options from Big Box stores are super limited on delivery slots, so if you do manage to get a slot, book it asap and plan your shopping cart accordingly.

Our options:

Delivery to the door

  • Shipt (covers Central Market, Target, 99 Ranch, Kroger and Petco)
  • Instacart (covers Costco, Tom Thumb, Sprouts, Central Market, Kroger, Aldi, Specs, Market Street, HMart, Petco, Sams Club and CVS Pharmacy
  • Walmart offers same day delivery
  • Tom Thumb


  • Kroger  – You shop online and choose your time then go to the store and park in the special parking. You call once you park and say what lane you’re in and they will deliver your stuff to your car. No tips are accepted.
  • Market Street
  • Walmart
  • Central Market
  • Target 

Don’t forget to tip your delivery person WELL! 

But what about the BIG QUESTION: Sam’s or Costco? We do love both but know you may not want to have memberships for both. Here’s our take on it.

There is a great Groupon at the moment on a Sam’s Club membership if you’re not already a member. 

Grocery Delivery Plano TX


Amazon Fresh  

Through Amazon, you can order from their warehouses. There is a $15 a month fee and a $10 fee if your order is under $40. Amazon Prime members can get the first month free! Fresh groceries delivered to your door! They also offer delivery from Whole Foods.

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Cooking at Home?

Maybe you have a little more time for cooking family meals at the moment, could be a great time to try out a subscription box like Hello Fresh & Freshly as they are offering great discounts for first time customers. 

The Meal Subscription boxes that are most recommended by Local Moms are:

Hello Fresh has easy-to-follow, well designed recipe cards you can keep and reuse, expect to spend  about $60 per week with a variety of plans to choose from. 


There is a great deal on Home Chef Meal Kit Delivery Boxes right now. We love the fact that they are ready in 30-minute meals, including steak, chicken, pork, fish and vegetarian recipes each week. You can select the number of servings based on family members and you’ll get a handy binder to keep your recipes together. 

If you don’t want to cook, you don’t have to! Sign up with Freshly and they deliver a freshly prepared meal which is ready to eat within 3 minutes.

In addition to Meal-based subscription boxes, we have a ton of other subscriptions we love 

Another great subscription box idea is Crate Joy. If you haven’t seen them before, check them out – they have hundreds of subscription box ideas. 

Grocery Pick up

Ordering from Restaurants for Delivery and Curbside Pick up

A lot of these restaurants are also offering grocery items and Quarantine packs, so there’s some great deals to be had while helping these businesses continue to pay their staff.

Many offer delivery with DoorDash, Ubereats or Grubhub

With grocery shopping, made a little more difficult, it’s a great time to make more of your food at home. This could mean menu planning, making sure you eat your leftovers and limiting waste. See how creative you can be!

I have been using my slow cooker and I even baked bread. The internet is a great place to look for recipes using the ingredients you have on hand.

Get the kids involved, design a menu, start growing a small herb and vegetable garden, enjoy this time together!

Share your tips and drop them in the comments below.

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