Spring is here so let's get your air conditioner in the best shape. Here are 6 amazing tips


Spring is almost here! Hopefully, the winter cold weather is behind us and we can start to enjoy what Texas is all about. This is a perfect time, though, to take care of a few essentials around your house to be ready for what spring can give us.

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At the first sign of spring, a family might rush outside to plant flowers and work on the yard but there are some other areas of the home that need some attention when the temperatures begin to rise. Here are some simple steps you can take to make sure your air conditioner is in great shape before the summer heat sets in!


The easiest way to keep your system running well is to change out your air filters. Dust and debris that gather in the air filter force the system to work harder to keep the air circulating and when the filter is full, the dust is being redistributed around your home.


A programmable thermostat will save money and will help you hold your home’s temperature at a constant level both day and night. It’s silly to cool your house when no one is home to use the air conditioning so why not install a thermostat that will save the energy you use for the hours you’re home and awake to enjoy it! Programmable thermostats often pay for themselves in a very short period of time.


Plants, leaves, high grass and debris located close to your outside unit can reduce your AC’s performance. Before you start running your AC, cut the grass, clean out any debris, and consider removing plants that block the unit.


Your HVAC unit can only work at its best if there are no obstructions to the flow of air inside of the walls of your home. Beyond having a professional go through the entire duct system, there is one easy way to check to make sure there are no visible blockages. Check the vents to make sure they are open and clear of dust. If you see dust blocking the vents, you may want to vacuum the vents and also consider looking into adding an air filtration system.


If you see any visible leaks, hear any odd noises, or smell any strange smells coming from your unit, have those checked immediately. Ignoring small problems can lead to big expenses later on.


Having your system checked by an HVAC professional twice a year is highly recommended.  Usually, this should be done in the spring and fall months to prepare for the seasons when your air conditioner and heater will be used most heavily. Discovering and addressing concerns early saves time, inconvenience, and money. Often small problems with your HVAC system can cause larger and more expensive parts to work harder which consequently will make them wear out sooner than they should.

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