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5 Signs Your Child is Struggling in School

Learning to spot the signs and look for Tutoring help for your student

It’s no secret that this past school year was challenging for many students.

There were many hurdles and obstacles students had to face, and as a result, some students may have fallen behind on their learning.

When students begin to struggle with their school work, it’s best to get them to help sooner rather than later.

Ideally, students should have access to resources to help them succeed before they even need them, but it can be difficult to know when your student is struggling in school without paying close attention.

Children and teens may not always disclose how they’re feeling about school or their school performance, especially if they’re not feeling good about it. 

Do you think your child is struggling with school? Here are five signs that can help you identify that your child may need help. 

They Avoid Talking About School

A sign that your child may be struggling with school is their refusal or avoidance to tell you how things are going at school.

They may not tell you what they’re learning, how their school day went, or follow up on how assignments and tests turned out. They could also avoid talking about the subjects they are struggling most with. 

Their Attitude Toward School has Changed

You may be able to tell that something is not right at school if you sense a change in attitude toward school or learning.

Your child may suddenly or gradually become distant, annoyed, or angry towards school, which is a clear indicator that they aren’t enjoying school or they aren’t enjoying how things are going. 

Kids struggling in school will also have trouble finding school interesting, leading them to complain or whine about how bored they are at school.

Boredom can be a clear sign that they either don’t understand what’s going on in school or are not being challenged intellectually at school. 

Your child may also look for excuses to miss school, whether it be coming down with an illness or complaining about a child’s teacher or classmate. 

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Changes in Friends or Activities

Another sign to look out for are changes in friends, hobbies, or interests.

Has your child stopped doing something they enjoy? Have there been any changes in their friend group? Are they hanging out or talking about new friends, or do you no longer see their old friends?

Are they spending more time than usual on assignments, leaving them less time to do things they enjoy?

These are all important questions that may help you identify changes that could be affecting their studies or behavior. 

Changes in Sleeping or Eating Habits 

Changes in how much they are sleeping or eating can also indicate issues, similar to the sign above. If you find that your child is sleeping more, they may be feeling down or depressed.

If they are having problems sleeping or eating often, they may be experiencing anxiety or excessive worry. 

Receiving Low Grades

Doing poorly in school is an obvious sign of issues, but sometimes, it can be overlooked.

An occasional poor grade on one assignment may not be a cause for concern, but a pattern of low grades should be alarming and a clear indicator that your child needs academic help. 

How You Can Help

If you suspect your child may be having a hard time in school, there are several things you can do to help them. Recognizing and asking for help is difficult, and your child may not want to acknowledge that they need help, so have a conversation with them about school and if there’s anything you can do to help them feel better. 

Everyone needs help at some point, and it’s important to be proactive about seeking help, if possible.

Reach out to their school counselor or teacher for support and information about how they’re doing and feedback on their homework assignments. They may be able to assist you in finding resources to help.

Another way to help students struggling academically is by getting a tutor.

Private Tutoring can be a great way to develop study and learning skills to help your child achieve their goals.

You can find a tutor who can help prepare, review, and practice for upcoming tests and go over material they’re struggling with.

How GoPeer Can Help

GoPeer is the easiest way to find your next tutor! GoPeer pairs K-12 students with qualified college students from top universities for 1-to-1 lessons.

Students and tutors communicate through GoPeer’s secure online classroom, using tools like real-time face-to-face video conferencing, photo/document sharing, and a virtual whiteboard/notepad to collaborate or edit essays.

Not only can a near-peer mentor provide personalized, up-to-date academic guidance, but also he or she can do so with the empathy that only someone who has recently been in the student’s shoes can provide.

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