Fun Ways to Celebrate Easter while Social Distancing

Fun Ways to Celebrate Easter while Social Distancing

Our Ideas to help you Celebrate Easter (from home)

Worship Ideas

So, it may not be the Easter we had planned but there’s still lots of ways to make it memorable.

Elevate Life has this fun Easter Drive Thru Experience 

And here’s another fun Drive Thru Easter Experience 

Fun Things to Do

Have a neighborhood Easter hunt – ask your neighbors to print out and color some Easter eggs – just search the internet for free Easter Egg Printables and tape them to your windows. Then take the kids for a walk and see how many you can count. 

  • Maybe you can camp in the backyard or watch the movie “Hop” together as a family
  • Let the kids decorate the house!
  • You can do a scavenger hunt in your house or backyard, you can fill the plastic eggs or use whatever you have on hand (lego, cars, erasers, candy or coins). Glo sticks inside the eggs make a fun night activity. Throw in a dollar bill or two to entice the older kids to join in.
  • It’s a great time to catch up with extended family and friends via Facetime, Skype, Zoom. You can even play games together, bingo or trivia would work well.
  • Check out Pinterest for lots of Easter craft ideas! You can color hard boiled eggs with food coloring or sharpies.

Easter Fun


Throw a special Easter lunch or dinner. Plan a menu and prepare a meal together as a family or order from one of our local businesses, lots of them have special Easter menus 

Who knows, this year may be the start of an Easter tradition your family keeps up with for years to come.

Happy Easter!

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