Easy Ways to Teach Kids About Charity and Giving

Easy Ways to Teach Kids about Charity

It’s important to teach our children how to give to others. We want our children to grow up and be caring adults. Here are some easy ways to teach kids about charity and giving to others.

*Donate clothing and gently used toys: Do a nice spring clean and collect some gently used items that are no longer worn or no longer played with. Have your kids help you and then take them to a donation center.

*Volunteer: Check with the food pantry or local churches to see what volunteer opportunities might be available. Maybe there is something at a nursing home or homeless shelter where your older kids can help you do something. Check into the Prince of Peace Plano or the St Elizabeth Ann Seton Plano for more volunteer or donation opportunities.

*Clean Up: Gather some friends and help clean up around a park or area in Plano. This will teach them the act of helping and will make our town a cleaner place, a win-win!

*Be a Good Example: As parents, we can lead by example and donate money to offerings, cans, and other necessities. Talk to your kids about it and have them help you. Seeing you do it will make them more inclined to do it as adults.

*Angel Tree: During the holiday season, participate in the angel tree by buying gifts to a family in need. Have the kids help you pick out items and drop them off. This will make you feel so good and teaches kids that giving is better than receiving.

*Help Loved Ones or Friends in Need: Take a meal to a sick friend or help someone with an errand. Participate in a walk to support a good cause. Do this with your kids to help get them involved.

*Do a Random Act of Kindness: Create a list together of some fun things you can do with people around you. Maybe leave a nice note for the mailperson, bake and deliver cookies to a local fire station, or pay for the car behind you in the drive-through.

What are some other ideas to teach children about giving?

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