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Therapy Treehouse: Speech and Language Center

About Us

We offer speech and language therapy, as well as language enrichment classes for children ages 12 months – 4 years old.

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5926 W Parker Rd, Plano, Texas 75093
Speech and Language Therapy
Business Description

We Empower Children Through Speech and Language

At Therapy Treehouse, our goal is to help every child achieve their highest potential for communication. We believe in family partnerships, a whole-child approach, and the power of play.

We are on a mission to help every children find their voice.
Therapy Treehouse is a mission-driven speech and language center. Our goal is to help your child achieve their highest potential for communication through family partnerships, a whole child approach and the power of play.

We provide speech and language therapy at our Plano center, or at your home/child’s school (location dependent).

We also offer language enrichment classes for children ages 12 months – 4 years old. These “parent and me” classes target developmental language skills through fun activities and play. And because parents are a child’s best teachers – we provide parent coaching so that you can support your child’s speech and language skills at home.

When is it time to think about speech therapy?

Others have a hard time understanding my child.

My child doesn’t pronounce certain sounds correctly or at all.

Other people frequently ask my child to repeat themselves.

My child isn’t speaking like other kids their age.

My child has a hard time with following directions.

My child gets frustrated when they can’t express themselves.

My child doesn’t seem interested in playing with other kids.

They have a hard time participating in group activities.

My child seems to have difficulty developing friendships.

Complimentary 15-minute video or phone consultations are available to see if your child would benefit from an evaluation or speech and language therapy.

Evaluations determine if your child is eligible for speech and language therapy. If your child qualifies, the evaluation will be used to determine the frequency of therapy and to formulate an appropriate treatment plan.

An evaluation may not be needed if your child has completed an evaluation elsewhere within the past 6 months.

Speech and Language Therapy
Sessions are either 30-minutes or 45-minutes in length, with 30-minute sessions being the most common recommendation.

You will receive a recommendation for how many times per week your child will be seen. The most common recommendation is 2 or 3 times weekly.

We are in-network with many Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas plans. For other insurance plans, you may be able to get reimbursed through out-of-network benefits.

Rates for private-pay clients are as follows:
$75 / 30-minute session
$110 / 45-minute session

Teletherapy is available to any individual across Texas and New York. We format teletherapy sessions to be effective and engaging for adolescents and younger children.

Common Speech and Language Disorders

Articulation and phonology refer to the way speech sounds. A child who has difficulty speaking clearly may have an articulation or phonological disorder.

Apraxia is a motor speech disorder which affects the children speak. It is neurological – the brain knows what it wants to say but has difficulty planning the motor movements.

Receptive & Expressive Language Disorders
Receptive language is how we understand language, and expressive language refers to how we use it. A child that has difficulty understanding others or expressing themselves may have delays in either or both areas.

Autism Spectrum Disorder
Autism is a development disorder causes by differences in the brain. It causes social, communication, and behavioral challenges. People with autism may have a different way of learning, playing, or paying attention.

Auditory Processing Disorder
Auditory Processing Disorder causes a disruption in the way an individual’s brain understand what they are hearing. It is not a type of hearing loss or a type of language disorder, but rather a disruption in the auditory system.

You can find out more information on our FAQ page.  

Empower your child through speech and language!

After School
Enrichment onsite
For Kids
Open to all
Play based
Special Needs Accommodating
Tutoring and Enrichment
Special Offer for Plano Moms

Free video or phone consultations available

Age Range Served
0 - 18
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