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Stacy's Sensory Solutions

About Us

We are a retail store in Plano that offers sensory products for all ages, from infants to seniors. We carry therapy and educational products, as well customized, stylish weighted products, fidgets, sensory tools, games, toys, chewables, and more.

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1220 Coit Road, Suite 102, Plano, TX 75075
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Sensory, Shopping, autism
Business Description

Engage the power of sensory integration!

Here at Stacy’s Sensory Solutions, we offer tools to help people be successful in their lives by engaging the power of sensory input to calm anxiety, promote focus, and provide comfort through various sensory tools such as fidgets, custom weighted blankets, and more!

Sensory integration is how the brain processes the information that we get from our senses so that the body responds appropriately. Examples of sensory input would be listening to music (auditory input), watching a lava lamp (visual input), or using a neck wrap filled with lavender (aroma and weighted input). When we integrate and engage with these senses in our daily lives it can lead to an overall happier, healthier life.

Using tools to give our brains the right sensory input helps us stay regulated. Do you notice that you tap your pen while you think, or that you sleep better with a heavy blanket to weigh you down? Those are forms of sensory input giving you regulation! When we are regulated, we are able to stay focused and handle the stresses of life more easily. We have the tools you need to live your best life.

My name is Stacy, and I started Stacy’s Sensory Solutions ten years ago when I noticed that there was a lack of quality products for children with Sensory Processing Disorder while I was trying to find a weighted blanket for my daughter. She has a bright and outgoing personality, and all I could find were boring gray and beige blankets that she didn’t like at all—so I made her one myself! It was much more work than I had anticipated, but well worth it. Soon, other kids and moms were asking where my daughter had gotten her blanket—they were also struggling to find quality, personalized sensory products. So armed with my newfound knowledge and skills, I started Stacy’s Sensory Solutions!

I have been very fortunate on my journey, and we have grown so much from where I started from working out of my home. We now have a wonderful storefront where families can come in and actually try out all of our products – from sampling fidgets to using our loaner program for weighted blankets and other larger products. We have expanded to offer not only weighted products for children (which are still custom-made in-house by our wonderfully talented seamstresses) but all kinds of fidgets and sensory products for all ages!

Everything we offer serves some kind of sensory purpose—using visual input from a liquid drip timer to calm anxiety and frustration, using tactile input from flip sequins to help focus on a task, using the proprioceptive (muscle tone) input from a weighted blanket to help sleep—the list goes on!

While everyone can benefit from these tools, they are particularly helpful for neurodivergent people. For people with ADHD, ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder), anxiety, SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder), and others, having the right types and amount of sensory input is vital. Our staff knows this well – almost everyone that works in the store struggles with anxiety, attention issues, or sensory sensitivities, or has close family members that do. Besides that, most of them also have a background in education, speech therapy, or physical therapy – I myself was an elementary school teacher for fifteen years before I started this business!

One of the foundations of the business is our custom weighted blankets! We make our weighted blankets in-house with our three talented seamstresses—Mary, Helen, and Yolanda. This gives us a lot of flexibility to be able to make the perfect blanket for you! We have a whole fabric room for you to choose your favorite colors or patterns, and then you can pick the size, weight, and blanket style, all to end up with a blanket made just for you! Besides the blankets, we have also branched into other weighted products over the years—lap pads, neck wraps, weighted stuffed animals, and more! We’re also able to take a beloved stuffed animal and add weight to it, to make a special friend that much more special.

We also have a wide range of products to meet the needs of adults and seniors as well as children. Adults and seniors are often overlooked when talking about sensory products, but everyone can benefit from sensory regulation! Many of our fidgets work just as well on an office desk as a school desk, and we offer a variety of more mature prints and patterns for our custom weighted products. For seniors who are aging and experiencing anxiety and memory problems, we have lots of options for soothing agitations and fidgets for restless hands. We also have a range of things geared towards daily accessibility, like magnifiers, jar openers, easy-open keyrings, and more. While people of any age can benefit from fidgets and weighted products, we wanted to make sure we had a variety of things that were specifically meant for adults and seniors to be able to meet their needs just as much as their children’s.

If you look at our website, we’ve divided our products into age groups (youth, adult, and senior), as well as 6 main categories: Anxiety, Cognitive Engagement, Comfort Through Pressure, Comfort Through Sensory Input, Daily Life Tools, and Let’s Move.

Anxiety: These are products that are selected to soothe anxiety using a variety of different methods, whether that be fidgets, weighted products, mindfulness, and more!

Cognitive Engagement: Engage that brain! These are things for keeping your brain alert, focused, and active. That includes things like focus fidgets, arts and crafts, games, puzzles—anything that keeps your mind working.

Comfort Through Pressure: All things weighted! This includes weighted blankets, lap pads, neck wraps, stuffed animals, vests, and anything else that’s weighted and used for comfort and focus.

Comfort Through Sensory Input: The classic 5 senses being put to work, plus a few extra! Any products that provide visual, auditory, tactile, aroma, and oral motor input can be found here, as well as things like vibration and water beads.

Daily Life Tools: Things to make day-to-day life easier. Mealtime and bedtime, organization and personal care, these things can be tricky! The items in this category are here to help. For kids, the items in this section are geared more towards routine-building, while for seniors, they’re geared more towards accommodation.

Let’s Move: We could all use a little more time up and about! Working on motor skills, practicing yoga, playing on a swing or hammock—these are all things that get you and your kids moving around and taking a break from screens.

Our driving goal at Stacy’s Sensory Solutions is to help people and their families find custom solutions to their unique problems. So many common issues with anxiety, focus, frustration, sleeping, and more can be helped with sensory input tools – you just need the right one for you! Our number one priority is getting you something that will help you or your kids navigate the world with joy and confidence, so come on in and have a chat with us. We can’t wait to see you!

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