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Photography by Misty

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You’ll fall in love with yourself, your family & your portraits before you even take that first glimpse. Hmmmm… yes, it’s true. We at Photography by Misty get our life’s juice from celebrating others.

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1023 Springbrook Dr, Plano, TX 75075

1023 Springbrook Dr, Plano, Texas 75075
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Photographers who are wired for human connection & interaction

When we get to know you, we fall in love, then you’ll fall head over heels. Only then does the magic of documenting your story through our Canon cameras start to happen. So, whether you pop in for a Santa event or hire our party experience through Elevate Events Photo booth Services, get ready to have some fun, make great memories and have the pictures to prove it.

We at Photography by Misty have been documenting Plano families, businesses & individuals for 18 years. Each year, we offer the best Santa opportunities & an annual Live Bunny Easter Event. For family photography, we specialize in wall portraiture and offer baby packages from maternity to preschool. And we are so excited to now offer an interactive photography experience (this ain’t your old-school photo booth), run by trained & professional photographers.

Top 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions

1.What do I wear for my photoshoot?
It depends on what kind of portrait session. A few universal tips are:

Bring a few different accessory options that would bring a pop of color (examples: tie, handkerchief, scarf, blouse, etc.). We can play around with all the options to see what would make you look your best!

Always wear a top with even the smallest of sleeves, although 3/4 to full sleeves are best. Yes, I know you may have worked hard for those guns, but skin  is a distraction, and we want to look at your face.

Consider bringing a jacket that you can button. It pulls the overall look together & sends a professional message!

Do NOT wear a top with flowy sleeves. When you wear flowy sleeves, people can’t see your beautiful figure, making for a blobby! While you might think it covers up any imperfections, it actually adds weight.

For family shoots, do NOT wear matching outfits! It’s a little old school and actually draws attention away from your family’s faces, which is what we want to be focusing on. Instead, try coordinating two or three colors, working them into everyone’s attire. This also gives your family members the flexibility to choose from their favorites. Nobody wants to be told exactly what to wear nor do the kids want to dress like Mom and Dad (did you when you were their age?). If there’s a family feud over what to wear or you just can’t decide, display everyone’s choices on your bed, snap a pic and send it our way. We’ll give you our expert opinion, and the Photography by Misty will take the heat.

2.How can I prepare for my photoshoot?
Here are some things you can do before your photoshoot, helping you look your best for the big day!

Whiten those pearly whites!

If you color your hair, make sure your roots have been touched up before our time together.

Get a fresh haircut – not too fresh though, give your hair at least a week to settle in.

Drink plenty of water the day before your shoot to give your skin a hydrating boost!

To give your complexion a fresh glow, exfoliate at least twice (with a three day-break in between). Also, the last time you exfoliate should be at least 24 hours before your session.

Get a good night’s sleep!! Don’t go out and party the night before your shoot, stay at home and go to bed early! Also, stay away from the hooch for at least 3 days prior.

3.Can you Photoshop me?
Misty and her team give a little PhoTox to almost everyone. And no, we do not charge extra. When 99 out of 100 people want a little love on the backend, it’s our policy not to swipe dollars out of your pocket. Yes, we’ve got you, but we do ask that you do your part, too.  For example: pluck those pesky nose hairs, get your eyebrows waxed, put on a little makeup, etc. Oh, yes, and please shine those shoes!!

4.Can you make me 30 lbs thinner?
I can’t do 30 lbs, but how about 20?

Believe it or not, having proper posture & well-fitting attire can actually make you look 10 lbs thinner! Just remember to stand up tall & roll those shoulders back!

As for the other 10 lbs? Misty & her editing team has got you covered (and no one will know the difference)!

5.I know my children won’t be able to sit still for the camera. How do I get them to cooperate?
Getting the kiddos to cooperate can be one of the most stressful parts of family portraits. Trust me, we know! But here are some things you can do as a parent to make the process go more smoothly:

When you first tell them about family pictures, act excited – we (almost) promise fun!

Get them involved from the beginning! If they help pick out what they’re going to wear and what props they can bring, they will feel included and be more likely to cooperate.

Don’t rush! Allow plenty of time for the session, it’s hard to stay patient and positive when you are rushed.

We can give them a little break during the session. Even better, we’ll let them play in between poses! We’ll be able to capture great candid shots of your little ones the way they really are!

Bring snacks to avoid mid-shoot meltdowns.

Promise them ONE reward after the shoot is over. Do not try to promise them multiple rewards. They’ll get confused, overwhelmed and decide whatever you offer is not going to be worth it. You know what bribing tool works best. For some children, it’s ice cream, and we even heard the bribe of shoes to a 2-year-old (it’s true: we can’t make this stuff up). And, believe it or not, our team sometimes bribes a child with getting to orchestrate the last shot. And, on more than one occasion, it was the master image.

6.It has taken me years to get my husband to agree to a family portrait. Is there anything I can do to make our session less painful than it has to be?
We get a lot of husbands (and occasionally wives) who absolutely dread going to a professional family portrait session. But at the end of our time together, we’ve heard things like  “That actually wasn’t too bad!” or “That was kind of fun.” They tend to think that it’s going to be this huge, time-consuming ordeal. But in reality, it doesn’t have to be!

7.Most of the business head shots I see are on the same white background using the same poses. Can you take a headshot that will shine on LinkedIn?
Absolutely! We enjoy creating portraits according to your vision or the vision we create together. Pack a suitcase to include items which help tell your story! For example, real estate agents could bring a for sale sign, doctors could bring a stethoscope, etc.

8.I’m not sure what location I want to use for my session. Do you have any favorite backdrop locations?
After 18 years of photographing area families, solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, high school seniors and corporate teams, the Photography by Misty team has played all over the metroplex from hot spots to hidden gems.

We love learning from our clients, too. Together, we can come up with a location that best fits you, your personality, your family’s lifestyle or your company brand! We thrive on new challenges and exciting adventures.

9. Is it best to use the same profile picture for each social media account? or should each account have a different picture?
There definitely is something to be said about the consistency of having the same profile picture on each of your social media accounts. But, there is nothing wrong with using a different picture for different accounts! Some social media platforms have more of a fun vibe (like Twitter), while LinkedIn should weigh more on the professional side.

10.What if I need my headshots in different file sizes?
We will give you 3 headshot sizes specific to your needs. Not sure? We’ve got you. We’ll deliver the top 3 most common sizes needed for marketing and social media!

Contact us today to hear about the many SERVICES we offer!

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