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Frisco Midwifery & Birth Center

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It’s normal to feel both excited and anxious as you anticipate the birth of your baby! 

Frisco Birth Center specializes in Midwifery by guiding expectant families through pregnancy and birth so you feel safe, confident, informed and nurtured from your first prenatal appointment through the first weeks of your baby’s life. 

Whether you birth in the comfort of your own home, or in our cozy home in Old Town Frisco, we help you create an experience you will cherish for a lifetime.  We offer Midwifery care in your home or in our birth center.  

Why should I choose Frisco Midwifery & Birth Services?
Someday, soon, you’re going to be sharing the story of one of the most sacred and sentimental experiences of your lifetime – the birth of your child. Throughout pregnancy you will experience a wide range of emotions. When the day of your birth finally arrives, and your newborn looks in your eyes as you bring her to your chest for the first time, you’ll have a whole new, rich, wave of emotions. Your experiences through pregnancy, birth, and the first weeks of your baby’s life will have a profound impact on the way you see yourself and how you parent.

What are specific ways Frisco Midwifery & Birth Center is different from other local midwives?
We are fortunate to live in a metroplex with many fine midwives to choose between. There is a “midwife for everyone”. We all have different strengths and temperaments. At Frisco Midwifery & Birth Center, our philosophy differentiates us from other practices. We practice ‘holistic’ care which means we look at the whole person, body, mind and heart/soul.

Body: At every prenatal appointment we schedule plenty of time to check on the physical wellbeing of mom & baby by checking vitals, listening to heart tones, measuring your growing abdomen, etc.

Mind: Then, we answer about your questions, offer educational resources from our lending library and extensive handouts to help you feel prepared.

Heart: The greatest benefit of holistic midwifery care is the opportunity to create heart-to-heart connections so you feel seen, heard, and safe with your birth team.

We are intentional about caring for your heart too. We further differentiate ourselves by fully embracing physiologic birth. We support the natural process of labor and birth without interruptions and unnecessary interventions. There are many subtle ways that philosophy shows up in labor. For example, we support the mother to birth at the pace her baby and body are ready – so we don’t do directed pushing. We know that the ideal labor hormones are made in the primal brain, so we don’t ask mothers a lot of questions in labor – we support you more intuitively, respecting the quiet environment. We are always striving to find ways to help birth be both safe and sentimental.

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We believe that birth can be more than just safe. It can also be sentimental, satisfying and transformative. Frisco Midwifery & Birth Center is committed to supporting you and your growing family.

We offer holistic care, body, mind and heart, blended with the tools of modern midwifery so you and your baby have evidence-based care in a supportive, comforting environment. 

Holistic midwifery in North Dallas.

Looking forward to helping your family welcome your new baby!

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