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Custer Road Christian Day School

About Us

Custer Road Christian Day School (CRCDS) is a Children’s Day Out, Preschool and private Kindergarten for young learners providing developmentally appropriate, play and faith-based learning. It is an extension of the ministry of Custer Road United Methodist Church in Plano, Texas.

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6601 Custer Road, Plano, TX 75023
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Business Description

Children’s Day Out, Preschool, and Kindergarten in Plano, TX!

Custer Road Christian Day School (CRCDS) is a Children’s Day Out, Preschool, and private Kindergarten for young learners providing a developmentally appropriate, play and faith-based aspect to learning.

It is an extension of the faith and ministry of Custer Road United Methodist Church in Plano, Texas.

Parents may choose 2, 3, or 5 days for their child to attend, regardless of age level.  The exception to that is the 5 day Monday Through Friday private Kindergarten program.

Our vertically aligned curriculum feeds seamlessly into first grade in the surrounding districts once your child completes kindergarten with us.

Classrooms provide the following developmentally appropriate opportunities:


What is your student to teacher ratio?
18 to 23 month classes – 5:1
24 to 35 month classes – 6:1
Three’s classes – 7:1
Four’s classes – 8:1
Kindergarten – 12:1

Do you provide a daily meal?
Parents send a peanut/ tree nut free snack, lunch and spill proof water bottle.  We are not able to refrigerate or microwave a child’s lunch.

Will my child have to rest at school?
A  rest period is provided  for all children attending CDO classes. An alternate, quiet activity will be provided for each child who is awake after sleeping or resting for an age-appropriate time period.  Our CDO classes will have a rest period, preschool and kindergarten does not nap.

To see additional FAQs about CRCDS click here

Above all, Custer Road Christian Day School and its programs foster the spiritual, physical, emotional, social and intellectual development of preschool age children from Plano and surrounding areas in a secure, loving and stimulating environment.

Amazing Kids Deserve Amazing Opportunities

Find them at Custer Road Christian Day School

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One of my kids went all the way through CRCDS and one of my other kids is about to enter the 3s class! We love this program! I wish I had found it sooner!

1 vote
Amazing school!!

Custer Road Christian Day School is a fabulous school (which also offers Kindergarten!!) where children get to learn and grow through fun and creative lessons and centers, hear about God’s love for them daily, sing songs and dance, and attend STEAM. It’s so evident how much each child means to the teachers and staff because big smiles, high fives, and hugs are shared each morning!  We love this place!!

Superb Preschool

Custer Road Christian Day School continually goes above and beyond in cultivating a rich Christian atmosphere as well as keeping up with a cutting edge, age appropriate academic climate! Kids are learning, growing, enjoying fellowship, having FUN and continue to be the most ready for Kindergarten in the area!!!

What an amazing school.

I have so many amazing things to say about Custer Road Christian Day School that I could go on for days. Let me just say that they have an amazing curriculum that they follow which that’s pretty awesome but most importantly I feel as if the love that they show to each individual that walks through that front door means more than anything. Your kids are their kids and are loved so much. The communication between the staff and the families are valued high. Seeing the children walk through that door with smiles on their faces and hugging teachers and staff as they walk through the hallways put a smile on my face and warms my heart because I know that the children are in a place they live and feel secure in. Please go take a tour because I promise you you will love it just as much as I do.

Like an extension of home

Custer Road Christian Day School has been a blessing in my teaching journey. From the first moment I walked in the door, I felt like I was home. I felt a sense of safety and joy for all the children and teachers as I could immediately see and feel the dedication and passion the teachers poured into each child. The atmosphere CRCDS provides, is a reflection of a wonderful director who has carefully selected a team of well rounded teachers who with Christian faith provide a positive and encouraging learning environment for children. Her open door policy encouraging teamwork and trust in her teachers, makes CRCDS special as she treats all with love and respect for new ideas.  So blessed to be part of this amazing team of wonderful educators.

Wonderful School

Custer Road Christian Day School is a wonderful School!  It has dedicated & nurturing teachers with a well rounded curriculum that’s faith based.  They offer diverse programs’  for a variety of ages and have several days and times available to choose from.   Tours begin on June first. Call the office to set up your tour!  You’ll love it!! 


Amazing preschool!

Custer Road Christian Day School is an amazing Preschool! Not only is the curriculum fantastic but the staff and the teachers go above and beyond to teach our children and most importantly they show love towards each child as if it were there own. Take a tour- I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Preschool of your dreams

CRCDS is one of those places that just feels right. There is a sense of loving and caring throughout the school. The curriculum is incredible and it is inspiring to see the children grow in this program. It is a fun learning environment that builds confidence and readiness for Kindergarten. I am truly blessed to have become part of the CRCDS family!

Amazing Benefits for our Daughter

Our adopted daughter was behind in her learning and we were able to enroll her at CRCDS mid-year. Within a month, she was starting to keep up with her peers. The teachers were very understanding And concerned of our daughter’s history and they worked well her and her issues. They helped her on hard days and praised her on good days. She loved going to school everyday and was always happy when I picked her up. The teachers and staff her are so amazing and they have become family to us.

What a great place to send your kiddos.

I sent my daughter when she was 4 and she really enjoyed her time there.  Her teachers were great with her and made her feel welcome every day she walked in the door.  They helped her get ready for kindergarten and gave her confidence in her preschool journey.



This is THE place for your child!

Can’t say enough amazing things… top notch care and education. Parents and kids are in love with this place because of the professionalism of the staff and their commitment to the children they serve.


Custer Road Christian Day School loved on all three of my babies. They made them feel loved and taken care of. They made sweet friends. We keep in touch with several of them, still to this day. They learned EVERYTHING they needed to before entering kindergarten. They were shown Jesus in chapel and in the classroom. I can’t say enough about Custer Road.


It doesn’t get any better than the teachers and staff at Custer Road Christian Day School. The student/teacher ratio is low, allowing the teachers to really give each child lots of attention. The kids have STEAM & music each day as well as incorporating lots of Bible stories. They have a great curriculum to make sure the kids are ready for Kinder when leaving CRCDS but most of all the children are learning as they play and learning to socialize and play nicely with others.

I HIGHLY recommend CRCDS

I highly recommend CRCDS. Six of my grandchildren had the wonderful experience of going through their program. The teachers and staff are wonderful. They treat all the children with such love and respect. My grandchildren were so excited to go to school everyday. Most importantly they were completely prepared when it was time for them to graduate to public schools. Their teachers there were so impressed with their readiness.

Amazing School!

My son attended CRCDS for preschool and Kindergarten! We had such a wonderful experience. The teachers and stuff took wonderful care of him. Their Kindergarten program was amazing! I can’t say enough great things about this school! Thank you for all the wonderful years!

I love them for loving my kids

I’ve had two kids at this wonderful school. When I drop my little guy off in the morning I know two things: he’s going to have a ton of fun and he’s going to feel loved. Both of my boys were surrounded by loving teachers who looked out for their social and emotional wellbeing while teaching them important foundational academics. To me, that’s priceless. My kid can learn his ABCs anywhere. But the genuine care he experiences at CRCDS is extraordinary.

CRCDS is the #1 choice for preschool education!

We have attend CRCDS for over 7 years now! Some of the enrichments we were looking for that CRCDS offers are biblical teaching throughout the day, a dedicated music teacher and STEAM teacher. I love the music and STEAM lessons because I know they are getting quality education from teachers who specialize in those subjects and it isn’t just something the full time teacher is trying to squeeze into their already busy day. Another reason I appreciate that they have these enrichment teachers is because I know my child’s full time teacher has planned breaks in their day. I think it is really important for the teachers to have that time to recharge for a few minutes and feel supported by their school.

Along with the program enrichments the curriculum at CRCDS is absolutely incredible. The topics and themes are engaging and they always work on unique assignments and skills that are age appropriate and hands on. In my opinion, CRCDS follows many different methods of teaching throughout each day which I believe develops the whole child and a life long learner.

I should’ve started with this, but as good as the curriculum and everything is at CRCDS the teachers and staff are the absolute heart of the school!! I honestly don’t even know where to begin. We have had the most amazing teachers! Many have become lifelong friends and I have no doubt they all love every one of their students past, present and future. They have always respected my children as little people and loved, encouraged and taught them with every bit of their heart. They come to them where they are and engage with the students on their level. There is also a very low turnover rate and most teachers and staff have been there for years. I love this because you have a chance to get to know future teachers or siblings may be able to have the same teacher. It just really feels like family when you already have a rapport with a teacher and your child already knows them and has seen them in the building making the transitions to new classes from year to year seamless.

This year we have added the challenges of COVID. They handled the lockdown really well providing recorded lessons/book reading, zoom calls for the students and emailed ideas for school work and activities we could do at home. CRCDS is also the only school I know that has had zero cases of COVID. They have innovative processes that have proved successful for over 6+ months.

The best

My 4 year old attends CRCDS 2 days a week and loves it so much, he asks to go every day…even on the weekends. My youngest is 6 months and I can’t wait for her to be able to go. The curriculum and activities really encourage every aspect of development. As an Occupational Therapist who used to work in early childhood intervention, this is very important to me. Most importantly, they do it through play, as it should be done! They use Handwriting Without Tears which focuses on building fine motor skills and sequential stroke development, which is fundamental to efficient handwriting. PISD teachers helped write their curriculum (my best friend is friends with one of the developers). We will actually be attending private kindergarten here. Above all, the love the teachers have for the children exudes.
I also really appreciate the level of communication from teachers and staff, which is ever important with today’s Covid protocols, since parents cannot enter the building. I’m never left wondering what went on throughout the day, like I have with schools in the past. The details from their day, including STEM & music (sent thru an app), also help prompt me to ask open-ended questions about his day, which is great for memory/recall and just helps me feel so connected. Can’t say enough good things!

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