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Big Blue Swim School

About Us

Big Blue Swim School offers kid-centric, level-appropriate, weekly swim lessons in Plano. We have clean, modern facilities; exceptional instructors; and a commitment to empowering kids for a lifetime of water enjoyment.

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1805 Preston Rd., Plano, TX 75093
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New Swim School in Plano

Why Choose Our Swim Classes?
Big Blue Swim School offers kid-centric, level-appropriate, weekly swim lessons in Plano. We have clean, modern facilities; exceptional instructors; and a commitment to empowering kids for a lifetime of water enjoyment.

Because we work with kids between the ages of 3 months and 12 years, you can bring your little swimmers to us whether they’re infants or school aged. We design our kids’ swimming lessons to cater to all levels of experience in the water.

Dedicated Professional Instructors
At Big Blue, your child learns to swim from skilled, adult instructors who are eager to help kids learn. We encourage our instructors to pursue full-time employment, so swimming isn’t just a hobby; it’s a career. Each one has been through more than 100 hours of training in the Big Blue Progress Program and is constantly growing with two more hours of training each week.

Easy and Efficient Lesson Scheduling
The Big Blue mobile app offers the convenience of booking lessons with a few touches on your phone screen. Likewise, if you have more than one kid taking lessons with us, you can book their instruction simultaneously to save time.

Clean, Modern Facilities
Our swim lessons in Plano take place in modern facilities, where the pool water is warm and comfortable and the parents’ viewing area is equipped with WiFi. Plus, we keep our pools super-clean with an award-winning, LEED certified water filtration system, too.


  • Our water is always 90-degrees and shallow throughout the pool, making lesson transitions safe and comfortable.
  • Our pool decks have hand-held showers and each facility has individual changing rooms.
  • Our pools have an open design, allowing swimmers to get in and out with ease. This also allows the teachers to handle several different skill levels at the same time. Schedule all your kids’ lessons simultaneously, no matter what age or level.
  • Our parent viewing area is comfortable and functional including free WIFI.
  • Our facility floors are covered in fall-proof, anti-microbial carpet.
  • Each location has ample parking available.


Real Teachers
Our professional, adult teachers are passionate about teaching. Our teachers are in the water with their students, figuring out what each kid needs to learn. They demonstrate skills and if necessary, adjust how they explain skills, to ensure each kid understands. Each teacher is truly engaged in finding each kid’s motivation to achieve progress.

Top-Notch Training
Your child’s teacher will have gone through over 100 hours of training on our Big Blue Progress Program. Not only do we revolve around your kids making progress, we give two hours of additional training every week to every teacher so that they progress as professionals.

At Big Blue, your child’s teacher is encouraged to pursue full-time employment and take advantage of our many benefits including health insurance. Our teachers are passionate about teaching because it’s their career.

Teamwork is the cornerstone of Big Blue. There is a coordinated effort between teachers, managers and parents to work together to focus on each kid’s progress. #TeamKidBB is always communicating in and out of the pool to find the most effective approach to fast progress.

And when necessary, our team works through challenges and comes together to find solutions. The Big Blue team offers a truly unique relationship of teachers and managers working in unison and executing our guiding principles every day. 

Give your kids swim lessons to set them up for a lifetime of water enjoyment! At Big Blue, our Continuous Weekly Lessons run year-round and offer you the flexibility to start and stop lessons whenever you choose. We track your child’s progress every time they swim with us, so you’ll see new skills gained at every lesson. And if necessary, putting your enrollment on hold is easy to do. It’s just one of the many perks offered at Big Blue.

We have a range of swim programs with level-appropriate lessons to maximize swimmers’ opportunities to progress. At the Baby Blue level, swimmers learn skills such as breath control and the baby back float. At the Big Blue level, they work on refining and perfecting techniques for all four strokes. Through this range of different programs, we help kids from 3 months to 12 years old learn to swim, regardless of their previous experience.

Another way we stand out among swimming schools for kids is through our exceptional instructors: Each one is committed to the highest levels of professionalism and engagement to better assist your child as they progress along our Big Moments Journey. Whether you’re looking for swimming classes for toddlers, babies or kids, count on Big Blue for a welcoming, supportive, kid-centered environment. We even offer no-risk trial lessons, so you can try us out for free.

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