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Celebrating a Birthday when you are socially distancing

Have a Birthday to celebrate?

Celebrating a Birthday during Quarantine

The Corona Virus this year has sent us all into a tailspin. Trying to entertain and teach our kids at home, provide for our family and keep from going insane – all at the same time. We are trying to come to terms with this strange experiment in doing everything at home and establishing new routines. 

If your Kiddo has a birthday coming up and you are confined to your home, the normal birthday celebration goes out of the window. With the go-to options currently off the table, you can get creative and find out-of-the-box ways to celebrate this year’s unique Covid-19 birthday.

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If your child has a birthday coming up, here are a few ideas we’ve come across to make their day memorable while complying with social distancing recommendations:

Car Parade

Invite friends and family to make signs or decorate their cars, then ride by your home at a designated time to wish your child a happy birthday. What’s better to a Texan kid than a parade just for them?

Even better – what about a Bubble Parade?

Living Room Theater

Cut the lights, cover the windows, pop some popcorn, and turn the volume up: with major players like Disney and Universal making their latest movies available to steam from home, you don’t have to go out to get the full theater experience.

BroadwayHD is a theater-streaming service allowing people to watch performances from Broadway and the West End from the comfort of their own homes.

It’s currently offering a seven-day free trial, perfect for people self-isolating amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Porch Serenade

So you can’t invite all your closest friends and family to sing happy birthday around the kitchen table? That’s alright! They can still sing, but from a responsible distance. Have your child stand on the porch so friends and neighbors can sing to them from the sidewalk.

Video Messages

Grandparents, friends, random internet strangers: get everyone you know to record a special message to remind your child they are loved!

Kiddie Night Club

Have an epic dance party in the comfort of your own home! Dig out unused glow sticks from your Mardi Gras bags, dress up in ALL the sequins, put on your child’s favorite tunes, and dance the night away.

Neighborhood Chalk Cards

If you have a close-knit neighborhood, get some of the families close to your house to draw larger-than-life “happy birthday” messages and pictures in their driveways, then take a family walk to check them all out.

Celebrate outside with your Neighbors and Friends and check out these Yard Signs, Balloons and Inflatable ideas

Call in the Celebs

People are feeling especially generous right now, and it’s not so far out of the realm of reason to think you might have a chance to recruit your child’s favorite YouTuber or character to record a special message for them. Don’t forget cosplayers!

Make Your Own Traditions

My family always has funfetti pancakes for breakfast on the morning of our birthdays, complete with sprinkles and candles and a happy birthday song. What can your family do from home to make birthdays special?

Have a special Corona Virus Cake

Reach out to one of our local Cake Makers and Bakeries and get creative with this once in a lifetime cake idea

Quarantine Birthday Cake

Unique Food Ideas

A Top your Own Ice Cream or Brownie Sundae bar or Top your Own Pizza party with homemade pizza dough

Does anyone in your family have a birthday coming up soon? Let us know what your plans are to celebrate it!