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What Private School Options exist around DFW?

Thanks to Dara K. Tilghman for sharing her insight with us I’m the creator of a FaceBook group turned website called DFW Private Education.  It’s a new but growing directory based site helping partnered schools, resources and families reach each other.  I get messages all the time via FaceBook asking “What are my options? What […]

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What is life like when you support a First Responder – A Plano Moms Story

There are a lot of Plano Moms who have husbands who work as first responders.   Like all homeschool moms, they want to know, how do you balance family time and homeschooling? Because their family situations are unique, I’ve dedicated a whole article to them. I interviewed six homeschool moms whose husbands serve as firefighters, […]

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Plano Mom, Rachael tells us about her Exponential Life

An Exponential Life Kids are loud, crazy, messy, adorable little monsters. But something happens when you have more than one. Everything grows at an exponential rate. I have four little boys – oldest almost 7, a 5-year-old, a 22-month-old, and an 8-month-old – and nothing is just 4x [fill in the blank]. It’s more like […]

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Why Dara chose a Private School for her Daughter – a Plano Mom’s Story

I feel like if you tell someone in North Texas “My child attends private school at…” people will look at you as if you have spoken a foreign language. The schools in North Texas are superior for the most part so why on earth would anyone consider anything else? Needless to say I was not […]

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A Local Mom’s Insight to Home Schooling

You made the decision to homeschool. Yet despite your resolve, all those first day of school photos got to you, didn’t they? We are on our fifth homeschool year, and they still give me a tiny twinge of something I can’t quite put my finger on. I always enjoyed school. Am I depriving my own […]

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Meet the Sherwins – a local family of Twins & Triplets

“You sure have your hands full!”- it’s a phrase we have heard countless times and we will probably continue to hear forever. The truth is, though the words have become monotonous they couldn’t be more true. We absolutely do have our hands full – literally! We have been blessed with a very unique family that […]

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