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Best Places for A Kids Haircut in Collin County

Is it time for your Kid’s Haircut? Check out these places that Moms have recommended as great options that offer haircuts for kids around town. You want a good experience for you and your kids. These places below came highly recommended! Here are the best places to get haircuts for kids in Collin County. This […]

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Chamberlain School of Ballet-13

Chamberlain School of Ballet

This post is sponsored by Chamberlain School of Ballet. All opinions are ours. For more information please see our disclosure statement.  If you have lived in Plano for a while and have children in dance lessons, chances are you have heard of Chamberlain School of Ballet. Owner Kathy Chamberlain first opened the studio in 1977. […]

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top 10 Reasons Parents Take Kids to See a Pediatric Chiropractor

Top 10 Reasons Parents Take Kids to See a Pediatric Chiropractor

Although the chiropractic profession has been around for 122 years, parents are just now discovering the benefits a pediatric chiropractor can provide for their child’s health. The nervous system (your brain, spinal cord, and nerves) is the master system of the body. This means that it coordinates every cell, muscle, tissue, and organ in the […]

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How to Keep Your Kids Safe on Social Media

How do we keep our kids safe on social media is one of the most talked about topics when I meet up with my fellow neighborhood Moms. We’ve been discussing it since our kids were in kindergarten. Sadly, things are not getting any easier. If anything, things are getting harder! There are so many more […]

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10 Tips to Keep Kids Safe Near the Water

Summer is not the only time to teach our children and adults about water safety. Sadly, drowning still the leading cause of accidental deaths for kids age 1-14. Make sure your entire family is armed with the knowledge of how to be safe in and around all bodies of water. Read (and re-read, and then […]

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Tips to Ease Back into School Routines

Now that school is just a few short weeks away it’s time to get your school mind set back. Gone are the lazy summer days of summer. Transitioning can be hard so it’s important to make a slow one back into school, especially for little kids. Here are some ideas and tips to ease back into […]

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PSA vs PYSA, Which to Choose?

Plano has lots to choose from when your kids are wanting/ready to play sports. What can be confusing is deciding between the 2 big leagues; PSA and PYSA. They are pretty similar in some aspects and different in others. So, which to choose? PYSA or PSA? We’ve got all the Mom advice below on the 2 […]

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20 Indoor Places in Plano for Kids to Play

Need somewhere Indoors for the Kids to Play? Whether it’s near Freezing temperatures or crazy heat we always need indoor places to play near us. Being outside for too long is not an option either way. In the heat, unless you are in water then you cannot be outside for longer than a few minutes […]

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Your Annual, Family Based Entertainment Pass for DFW

Just in time for Summer, check out this HOT deal!  Pogo Pass is a year long, family based entertainment pass, that gets pass holders into some of the best venues in Plano, Frisco, Dallas and all around DFW.   They are always adding new ones, but right now there are 20 listed! If you’re staying in town and […]

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Power Kids Sports

PowerKids Sports and Fitness

PowerKids Sports and Fitness has an Elite family plan that is one of a kind. Come check out all the details! Do You Ever Think About How Much Money You Spend on Gourmet Coffee? Think about this for a sec. In a two-parent household, if both parents grab a tall latte every morning, there’s $300 […]

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