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Birthday Party Places in Plano

One thing kids love are having a big birthday party with all of their friends. Finding the best location can be stressful for Moms!  Plano and the surrounding areas have tons of great birthday party locations! Here’s a list of just some of the best kid’s birthday party places in Plano.

Safari Run: Safari Run opened in the summer of 2016 and is a great party location! There is room to run, climb, and slide and is fun for a variety of ages.  There are several party packages with the option to even rent out the facility.  Visit their website for more birthday party information and how to book a party.

Thunderbird Rolling Skating: Thunderbird has been in Plano for years and still makes for a great party! They have some very reasonable party packages that make for lots of birthday fun for everyone!

Kid Mania: Kid Mania is fun for a variety of ages and kids have a great time playing! They have food and arcade games too. The party packages say that Moms and Dads get to enjoy the day while the crew of Kid Mania does all the work!


Texas Pool: Have a summer birthday? Plan a pool party at the Texas pool!

Carefree Colors: This is a new painting place in Plano that kids 5 and up will love! They do amazing work at Carefree colors and kids will come home with a beautiful painting that is a great party favor.

Plano Superbowl: Bowling is a great birthday party idea! Kids will have a blast and they have some great party packages. Adults are able to bowl next to the kids during the party too!

Heritage Farmstead: Have a birthday party on the farm! The kids will have a blast and adults too. Check out this post I wrote all about the Heritage Farmstead.

Playstreet Museum Plano Moms say they have great options and the place is already decorated so cute for a party!

Plano Pools: There are several pools in Plano that you can rent for a party. A swimming party in the winter is just as fun as the summer time! Check out the Pools in Plano you can swim from and have parties at.

WOGA: This makes a fun birthday party for ages 4 and up and boys or girls. Activities are centered around the age of the child. WOGA will even provide all the paper goods for the party!

What are your favorite places for a kid birthday party?


How to Make Friends with Other Moms

No matter what age and stage your kids are in, it’s important for Moms to have some friends. People you can talk to, share stories, advice, or even hang out with. Living in a large city with people so busy can make it hard for you to build relationships with other Moms. Here are some helpful hints on how to make friends with other Moms.

Join Plano Moms Talk: If you haven’t already, then you need to join us in our Facebook group, Plano Moms Talk. This group has over 4700 Moms just like you. The group is growing every week! There are lots of newcomers to the city and even some that were born here. Comment and share advice as it comes up in the threads. You will find Moms in your area quickly and maybe even some of your neighbors! It seems like every day, Moms comment that they are about to move to Plano. Think of it as new friends waiting to meet you.

Come to a Mom’s Night Out Event: Plano Moms is constantly hosting get-togethers from book clubs meet ups to play dates with kids. Make an effort to attend one. It can be scary to go somewhere when you don’t know anyone but trying is half the battle. Check out our events page and calendar to see what we have planned for the week! As you meet new Moms, make sure you get their contact information!

Host a park playdate: Kids love to play at the park! Invite a few Moms from the group to meet you and your kids at a local park in Plano for some playtime. Your kids will have fun and you can make some connections with new Moms. Plan to meet up again at a house or a different park the next week. Set a date and stick with it!

These are some great ideas to get you started on making new friends. Half the battle will be putting yourself out there. Don’t wait for someone to come to you. You need to make an effort. Friendship is important, especially when you’re a Mom.

What are some of your ideas on how to make friends with other Moms?


Find a Babysitter in Plano

Every now and then you might need to find a babysitter for your kids. Maybe you have a date night planned or just need to run a few errands without kids. Finding a babysitter doesn’t need to be stressful. Here are some helpful tips so you can find the right babysitter for your kids.

Ask your Friends: The best place to find a babysitter is by asking your friends. Maybe they have an older daughter that babysits or maybe they have a great babysitter they use themselves. Having someone you know and trust is important. Check on (a neighborhood website). There are tons of babysitters that neighbors have used and they will probably live by you, which is very nice.

Ask other Plano Moms: Check out PlanoMoms talk for referrals or ideas on the right babysitter. It will be good to make a list of their names and numbers that they suggest. is a site designed to help you find the best caregiver in your area. They offer many services including nannies, babysitting, and even in-home care for children.

Ask Teachers: If you have a child in pre-school or even elementary school it doesn’t hurt to ask if they babysit. I know so many teachers that babysit in evenings and weekends for extra money.

Once you get a list of names, start a running list of questions you will want to ask. Sittercity has a great checklist to help you get started with some essential questions.  I also suggest having the person out to your home to meet your kids and see if it will be a good fit for your family.


Find the Best School in Plano for Your Kids

Plano is named for being one of the best cities to live in. Not only is the cost of living reasonable, but the schools are rated some of the best in the state. Starting school is a huge milestone for kids. You want to find the right school to serve your child’s needs. Here are some ideas on how to find the best school in Plano for your kids.

If you are just starting your search or new in town it’s important to give yourself some time do some research. Think about your children and what might be best for them individually.  If you are just moving into the city then take some time to learn about the schools zoned in the neighborhoods you are most interested in.

Plano has 72 schools across the town that include early childhood, elementary, middle, high school, and senior high schools. So where to begin?  A good place to start your search is by looking at the district’s website. Here you can find out more information about all the schools. You can also do the school finder to help you find the schools that you are zoned for according to your address.

One of the most important things though is to consider the needs of your child.  When my daughter was about to start her elementary years in Plano,  I wanted small class size. Maybe you have a special needs child or a high achieving student. Every school in Plano has their own page that will give stats and list additional resources and classes offered at that particular campus.

If you are looking to get more into school rankings then consider  School Digger,  Great Schools, and Neighborhood Scout.  Though it’s good to get a variety of input from the community, these sites may not be able to tell you everything that you are looking for. They might not give you real Mom advice, so it’s a good idea to join in on the school talk on Plano Moms Talk!

With over 4000 members, these real Plano Moms will give helpful advice and they love to offer suggestions. Moms on the school hunt or moving into the area are always asking and seeking tips and suggestions. Don’t be afraid to ask.  Plano Moms are so helpful!