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The most recommended pediatric dentists of North Dallas Area from Plano Moms

The Most Recommended Pediatric Dentists in Collin County {from Plano Moms}

Who is your favorite pediatric dentist in the area? Do your children see someone that they love and can’t wait to go visit? In our group, we frequently get asked who the best dentist is to take their kids to. We’ve taken the time to gather the results from Moms that have commented and tallied […]

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Events at the Libraries in March

Fun Events Happening At the Plano Libraries in March

March is a busy time at the Plano public libraries with a variety of programs for all ages and interests.  Here is your list of everything coming up in March at all five Plano Public Library locations.  You can always find a pdf copy of the latest issue of Engage, an online calendar, and special news […]

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Valentine’s day

Fun Things to Do this Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day is almost here. Are you ready to celebrate with your loved ones?  We’ve gathered some great deals, specials, and fun things to do this Valentine’s Day, including things to do the entire week!  Round up your sweethearts and let’s celebrate Valentine’s Day.     Other Ideas for Valentine’s Day Fun:     Are […]

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Best Places to Watch Football Pubs

Fun Pubs and Bars to Watch Game Day

Do you have a sports lover in your house? Or are you ever looking for a fun place to watch sports at a local hangout in town? There are so many places around town to celebrate and cheer on your favorite team. Check out these great venues to watch game day. Awesome Places to Watch […]

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Where to Get After Hours Medical Help {for your sick kids}

One of the worst things is when you have sick kids.  It is no fun for anyone and can be really stressful.  What’s even worse is when it happens overnight and you are scrambling trying to find a clinic or a 24 pharmacy to fill meds. There are a few medical centers and pharmacies that […]

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The Most Recommended Mother’s Day Out Programs {In Plano, Texas}

The most recommended Mother’s Day Out Programs in Plano Texas can be found in abundance. It’s May and Mother’s Day is around the corner. However we may feel about the holiday, the greeting card and floral industries make it impossible to ignore. Mothers are supposed to be treated with breakfast in bed, a bouquet of […]

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Plano Library 5

Getting to Know the Plano Libraries {Classes and Programs}

We are so lucky to have an amazing library system here in Plano. Did you know some local suburbs around us only have 1 library?? I bet there are some other fun facts about the Plano libraries you might not know as well. Come learn more and get to know the Plano Libraries. The Plano […]

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Places to Shop for Healthy Foods in Plano

Where to shop for Healthy Foods? We have some great places to workout and get fit for you, but what about eating healthier? Luckily, there are some wonderful places around us to help you to get some ideas and even shop for healthy foods. From farmers markets to local farms, we have you covered on shopping […]

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baby classes

The Best Baby Classes for Moms in Collin County

When you are a new Mom (or even an experienced one!!) the best thing to do is to get out and meet Moms with similar aged kids. Lucky for you there are so many great baby classes around Plano that offer so many fun experiences both for baby and Mom. Here’s a look at the […]

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Fitness | Plano Moms

The Best Places to Get Fit

Is one of your New Year’s Resolutions to get healthy? This is the perfect time to think about yourself and get fit. We have some great options for you with some local health and fitness places to get you on track to your personal fitness goals. Here’s to getting fit and reaching your goals! updated […]

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