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GreenLight Tutoring

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101 E Park Blvd Suite 600, Plano,Plano, TX 75074
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We are now offering Private tutoring & Small Group Classes! (in-person & virtual)

Did you know that summer learning loss (aka summer slide) is a phenomenon that has been proven time and time again to affect your child’s education?

Especially because of the difficulties caused by the dramatic shift to virtual classrooms, summer can be a great opportunity for your child to catch up on their studies and, in fact, get ahead! GreenLight Tutoring has been offering personalized tutoring classes that are tailored to students’ specific needs for years, and we are excited to offer flexible and affordable classes for the summer.

Whether your child needs somebody to guide them through geometry or strengthen their writing skills, our qualified teachers are ready to work with them every step of the way. We make tutoring fun, straightforward, and affordable!



What we offer:

<Private tutoring (1st – 12th) >

Our private tutoring is designed to meet with students on a one-to-one basis to provide assistance on schoolwork, test preparation or any other area of need. For students who prefer more individualized attention or requires a more flexible schedule, private tutoring is a perfect choice for the style of tutoring.

  • Subject Areas
    • Math
    • AP Math (Statistics, Calculus AB/BC)
    • Reading/Writing
    • English/AP English
    • Science
    • AP Science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics)
    • Social Studies
    • AP Social Studies (World History, US History, Government)
    • STAAR
    • ISEE
    • SAT/ACT


<Small Group Classes (3rd – 12th) >

Our small group classes consist of 2-4 students per class (maximum of 4). We make sure to keep the class size small enough to provide individualized attention. We offer daily homework assignments for students to solidify their understanding of the material.

For 3rd – 5th grade classes, we incorporate hands-on activities that garner the students attentions and keep them focused throughout the lessons. These activities perfectly complement the lesson’s material and provide an opportunity for students to not only learn, but also have fun at the same time.

For 6th – 8th grade classes, we introduce topics that serve as foundations for the subjects that the students will study throughout high school in the future. We ensure that as we teach these challenging topics, the students are able to understand the material and build a strong foundation for high school.

For 9th – 12th grade classes, our classes are here to support the students through the many difficult courses that they will take during high school. Whether those classes are AP math classes or SAT test prep, our teachers will guide them through this pivotal moment in their academic careers.


        <Subject Areas>

  • Small group for 3rd – 8th 
    • Math
    • Reading
    • Writing
    • Social Studies
    • STAAR prep
  • Small group for 9th – 12th 
    • SAT Prep
    • ACT Prep
    • College Essay workshops


Please call today to learn more about our programs! 

We have designated teachers for each subject and look forward to helping your children soon.


Main office: (972) 516 – 3864

Heather (Owner): (682) 226-1644


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