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Tips for Back to School time in Plano

It is back to school!

Most parents either get too excited or too anxious over it. And guess what … kids often feel the same way too.

Tips to EaseBack IntoSchool Routines

Whether your summer was busy with travels, day camps, and other activities or whether most days were full of complaints about being bored at home, both parents and kids can have a hard time transitioning them back to their school routine. 

Being well prepared for the year ahead is definitely one of the things that can make back to school a lot better. So, Plano Moms is here to help make the transition a little easier by helping you get prepared.

School Check List

  • You need to fill up all the necessary documents. For each kid, make copies of their birth certificate, their record of immunizations, and proof of residency and the school’s application form.
  • Get all the necessary immunizations done. Here is the link for Texas’ vaccinations required Grades K to 12.
  • Make sure to check out the dress code and backpack policy (some schools only allow mesh or clear backpacks). And, if there are certain things that students are not allowed to wear.
  • For PE, check if kids need to change before PE class or before school, and if they need to bring athletic shoes.
  • Lunch meals, decide if your child will buy food at school or if you will prepare a packed lunch every day. You can check if you can look at the menu ahead of time to help you decide. But, if you choose to buy, find out what is the system that will be used; if there are restrictions that parents can place on what their kids buy; how much will it cost per day or week and the payment system.
  • Decide if you buy the school supplies at school which usually benefits the PTA or you buy it yourself.  The benefit of purchasing it on your own is that your kids can pick out the things they like, example a set of pens, pencils, binders, etc. and it helps get them excited about going back to school. However, the downside is that you and many other parents will be rushing to get supplies in the same stores and this can be stressful especially when an item you need is out of stock, or you can’t find an exact match of what is on the list.
  • If your kid has some dietary restrictions or any medical conditions, make sure to inform the school nurse or the teacher about it. It is advisable to talk to them before school starts (if possible).
  • Clarify the time your kid needs to be at school and what time is considered to be tardy.
  • Decide how your kid get to school if using the school bus, then know where the bus stop is and what time is pick up and drop off. If you are driving and dropping off your kid to school, see where the school’s designated drop-off and pick-up area is. Lastly, for kids who walk or ride their bike or scooters, make sure you understand the school regulations and the route that your kid will be taking.
  • Consider doing a dry run of the route the week before to make sure everyone knows how long the trip takes.
  • Here is our guide to our local Plano Schools!


  • Important to remember this year’s tax-free weekend is August 9-11, 2019. Clothing, backpacks and school supplies are tax-free. Even mom can get some stuff for herself tax-free too, yay!
  • Go to Target and check out their gift card deals. Example, “Buy 2, receive a $5 gift card. Check here for latest promotions and remember that every Monday Target stores mark down their kids’ clothing — so make sure you’re ready to shop to score the best back-to-school clothing deals. Check out their cartwheel deals too.
  • If you have rewards on some drugstores like CVS or Walgreens, it is wise to spend it on school supplies.
  • Make sure to double-check the price match policy of the store you are shopping. Walmart does price match!
  • Always check the Amazon deals for clothing and about anything on your back to school list.
  • Get into cashback if you shop online.
  • Consignment stores are worth checking out. Ex Uptown Cheapskate Plato’s Closet Plano, Once Upon a Child
  • If your child goes to a private school or charter school, most likely they wear school uniform. So, buy the minimum amount needed, and you can call the uniform store when they are offering promotions or discounts. Many schools are associated with a specific uniform store, and these stores often have sales around fall.
  • Don’t forget those “First Day of” signs! We have easy Printables for you.
Back to School Printables Plano, TX

Sleeping Routine

The first day of school is coming fast, and we are all aware that the regular morning school routine is looming around the corner. This can be hard for most kids who have been going to bed late at night and waking late during the summer holiday. So, parents need to help kids back to their appropriate sleep schedule. Here are a few tips to help your child get back to the routine:

  • First, let’s understand how much sleep a child needs every day and then decide on the best bedtime arrangement for you and your child. Check this guideline from the National Sleep Foundation.
  • Create a calm and relaxing sleep environment.
  • Eating well and getting enough exercise promotes good sleep, so make sure your child is getting these.
  • No screen time before bedtime helps a lot. If your routine is reading before sleep time, get back to it as soon as possible.
  • Limit caffeine intake and no big meal before bedtime.
  • Parents need to adjust bedtime routine as well and can use the same strategies in moving bedtime and wake up time early.

Sleep is critical to everyone’s healthy well-being, and it is a significant part of performing well in school.

First-time in school

  • For kindergarteners and transferees, it can be nerve-wracking to be new at school. So, remind your child that it is a normal feeling to feel nervous/ anxious and that it is okay to feel that way. Assure them that they meet new friends, and they will get to adjust in no time.
  • Find out when is meet the teacher day and you can’t miss this because this can help your child feel at ease with the school and the teachers. You also get to find out about volunteer opportunities.
  • The first day of school is full of mixed emotions between the parents and children. Get everything ready the night before and give yourselves time in the morning to have breakfast and to arrive school on time.
  • Keep calm!