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A great idea: Let the Kids cook french-style for their Birthday Party

Party Planning Ennui? Let Them Eat Crêpes!

Do you remember those old-school birthday parties that pretty much followed the same formula? You’d show up at the birthday kid’s house, put on a goofy cardboard party hat, play pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey, and eat cake and ice cream. 

Super-ambitious parents sometimes hired a face painter or magician, but most of the time the main form of entertainment was circling up to watch the birthday kid (gasp!) actually open presents. 

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My French Recipe Plano

Not only has the public present reveal fallen out of fashion, but so has the generic one-size-fits-all birthday party.

After a childhood filled with predictable parties, maybe it’s no surprise that parents today want to throw standout soirées that are tailored to their kiddos’ personalities, favorite activities, or imaginative requests. 

But even with the help of the internet – and countless businesses that offer party services – planning a birthday bash that’ll thrill your child can be stressful.

How do you pick something unique that everyone will enjoy?

How do you make sure the parents aren’t bored, and maybe even have some time to socialize with each other? When – and what – should you feed the kids so no one has a dreaded hangriness-inspired meltdown?

My French Recipe Cooking School’s has a fabulous answer: let the kids cook!

If the idea of giving kids free reign in a kitchen sounds scary, don’t fret – parties take place on-site at the cooking school, so you don’t even have to worry about cleanup!

Best of all, My  French Recipe’s staff are pro at empowering kids to work together and learn a new skill with immediate payoff – they get to eat their own creations! 

What’s the inspiration behind My French Recipe? 

My French Recipe Plano TX

Three years ago, Isabel Mota was a new arrival to the US, coming from France, awaiting her work permit, and trying to figure out what sort of business to pursue.

Her “ah-ha” moment came while entertaining friends, when she realized that while Americans loved the simple French fare she’d prepared, they also thought it was too complicated to make at home for themselves.

So Isabel, who has been cooking her whole life, decided to offer French cooking classes  — initially “just for fun, to be honest” – and to meet people in her new Texas home while working on her English. Her mission is to “make the world better with better food,” and that message isn’t just for grown-ups. She believes that making French food can be easy and fun for kids too!

Émilie Malguy and Angélique Salingue, have joined the team to ensure the authenticity of the experience. All three have been cooking since childhood with their mothers and now with their own children with fresh ingredients grown in their families’ gardens.

They stress how cooking from scratch can improve one’s overall wellness through better food choices, stronger relationships and self-confidence. 

Kids love hands-on activities, and are often more capable of picking up useful cooking skills than many adults realize.

In fact, a parent’s personal lack of confidence in the kitchen – or the desire to control every aspect of the food prep process – is often a barrier to helping kids learn the basics of meal and snack prep. 

We have more information on My French Recipe here

Cooking parties are a great way for kids to learn new skills they’ll be proud to practice, and for parents to ease into the idea of letting little ones help in the kitchen. Plus, research has shown that even finicky kids are more likely to try new foods when they get to help with meal or snack prep, which can be a big bonus if you’re trying to help picky kids expand their palates. 

The My French Recipe team teaches party guests to make everything from scratch, and they like to keep things “very fun, while still instructive. We don’t want to sound too serious”

As experienced home cooks, the founders know how to pick recipes that will help little cooks feel accomplished, and motivate them to want to keep cooking once the party is over.

Cooking parties plano

My French Recipe offers parties for children as young as 6, and can accommodate groups of 16 or up to 20, depending on the party theme chosen. All ingredients and tools are provided for each 2-hour party, and families can bring decorations, birthday cake, and refreshments to enjoy during the built-in snack time.

Plus, rental of the entire facility is included, so you won’t have to worry about overlapping events or distracted staff! 

For young chefs, and/or groups of up to 20, introduce your party guests to The French Snack: Madeleines and Lemonade from Scratch!

Highlights include:

  • Making madeleines, France’s classic scalloped mini-cakes, from scratch. 
  • Your choice of madeleine flavors: lemon, orange, vanilla, cinnamon, chocolate chips.
  • Kids will also learn to make lemonade from scratch.
  • Each child will make their own gift bag of 6 madeleines to take home. 

Pricing: $400 for up to 8 kids, $30/each additional child (Max 20 children).

My French Recipe cooking parties

For hungry kids (or party hosts who don’t want to worry about anything but the birthday cake), thé J’aime les crêpes! (I love crepes!) party is the way to go.

Party goers 6 and up will: 

  • Make crepe batter from scratch.
  • With the help of My French Recipe’s chefs, they’ll make and fill a variety of savory and sweet crepes. 
  • Toppings include turkey, ham, grated cheese, chocolate, banana, and whipped cream.

Pricing: $450 for up to 8 kids, $35/each additional child (Max 16 children).

As for older kids, they’ll of course enjoy either of the above parties, but they have another option that is très chic: the Oh Paris! party, where they’ll learn to make gorgeous – and delicious — macarons to rival any fancy bakery. Budding pastry chefs will:

  • Prepare filling for the macarons in a choice of milk chocolate, dark chocolate, lemon, raspberry, or strawberry.
  • Make the macaron shells.
  • Take home a gift box filled with 8 scrumptious macarons that they made themselves!

Pricing: $495 for up to 8 kids, $40/each additional child (Max 16 children). 

Want to make the party extra special? My French Recipe offers some sweet add-ons including:

  • Kids’s chef hats: $5 each.
  • French baking mixes in a range of styles (Madeleines, chocolate lava cake, crepes, macarons, French pound cake), for super-easy bake-at-home fun: $9 each.
  • Madeleine pan: $20 each.

No matter which party you pick, My French Recipe offerings are very unique, so you’re sure to be remembered! Even better, the party doesn’t really have to end. 

My French Recipe isn’t just a celebration spot (though adults can get in on the party fun, too), it’s a full-fledged cooking school, with weekly kids’ classes (perfect for playdates), kid’s camps, couple’s classes (hello, date night!), corporate trainings and team building events, and even quick 45-minute lunch break classes.  “If you love eating, then you can cook with us.”

Check out My French Recipe, and let them show you how. 


Contact Info:

My French Recipe Cooking School

3033 W. Parker Road, Suite 203

Plano, TX 75023

Phone: (469) 605-4151


My French Recipe also offers fun Camps for Kids too! 

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