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20 Super Fun Date at Home Date Night Ideas

Need to stay home but still date? Look no further at our at-home date night ideas!

Here are 20 fun at home date night ideas to beat boredom and spend quality time together at home once the kids are in bed.

Date nights are important, even if you’re not going out on the town.

You can still really enjoy each other’s company and try out some new fun activities, taste some new treats or enjoy some great wine, with these unique at-home date night ideas.

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Having the kids’ home all day, along with navigating our new homeschooling and virtual schooling routines can be stressful, to put it lightly. Luckily, there are lots of ideas shared in our community to make the day fun, entertaining, and productive. (And thank heavens for funny memes!)

20 Date Night Ideas at home

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After the kids are sleeping, make sure to still take time for you and your significant other. 

  1. Turn the kid’s daytime fort/tent into a date night oasis. Add lights, lanterns, candles, pillows, blankets apps and drinks.
  2. Have a wine or beer tasting.  Many restaurants are offering wine/beer to go.
  3. Make a bucket list for projects you want to complete over the year or activities you want to do as a family.
  4. Have a romantic dessert night. Break out that fondue pot you received as a wedding gift and may not have used yet. (You know it’s true!) Try this chocolate fondue recipe
  5. Sit down and watch your wedding video or look through your wedding photo album. Awe!! 
Drinking Wine Date Night Ideas

Support a Local Restaurant by picking up curbside or getting delivery. 

Be sure to practice social distancing while supporting local restaurants.

  1. Do a craft or build something together. LEGO isn’t just for kids! 
  2. Plan an Adult Spa Night! You’ll need a Diffuser, Fluffy Towels and a Bubble Bath
  3. Lay out a blanket in the family room and have a picnic or take it to your bedroom!
  4. Play a fun and flirty adult game!
Couple at home Plano TX
  1. Play Board Games. Clue, anyone? Pick a new one and learn how to play it together. Or teach your partner one you already know. Since you are learning something new, this is a great chance to order takeout so that you don’t have to think about what to make.
  2. Do a puzzle.
  3. Have a fire outside complete with s‘mores and a warm drink.
  4. Star gaze with a Telescope!
  5. Bake a special treat together to surprise the kids with the next day. A big hit at our house is cut out sugar cookies. Decorate some together and leave a few extra for the kids to decorate the next day.
  6. Find something you’ve wanted to learn and watch YouTube. Learn to dance or paint, maybe?

Plan some awesome Outdoor Date Nights too, with 100 Date Night Ideas around Collin County

  1. Plan to surprise the kids with a special breakfast in the morning. Decorate their bedroom doors with a streamer curtain and fill the hallway with balloons for an extra special surprise.
  2. Watch a movie or start a show series you wouldn’t watch with the kids around. {Adults only}
  3. Workout together 
  4. Paint pottery together! 
  5. Create a scavenger hunt for each other! Write special notes, hide favorite candies, drinks or supplies for your significant others hobby.

Do you have other ideas? Which of these would be your favorite? Let us know in the comments.