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Meet Plano Mom, Alicia


Birthplace: Dallas, TX

Occupation: UXUI Designer, Calligrapher, Photographer

Family: Married and mothering. Husband: Ray + 4month Daughter: Audrey Victoria

What’s on Her DVR?: My 4month old laughing out loud do the first time 💕
Favorite Plano Restaurant?: Mexican Sugar, Shops of Legacy
Best Place for a Date Night: Shops of Legacy, you’ll always find something to do.
Beverage of Choice: Moscow Mule, but first Coffee…
Words She Lives By: “Grace not perfection.”
Favorite App: VSCO app
Beauty Product She Cannot Live Without: FRESH rose lip balm
Dream Vacation Place: Paris, France
If she had more time in the day she would?: Get more sleep. 😊
Favorite Thing to Do in Plano: Walk or bike the Arbor Hills Nature Preserve
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Meet the Sherwins – a local family of Twins & Triplets

“You sure have your hands full!”- it’s a phrase we have heard countless times and we will probably continue to hear forever. The truth is, though the words have become monotonous they couldn’t be more true. We absolutely do have our hands full – literally! We have been blessed with a very unique family that is composed of my husband and I, 2 year old twin girls, and 3 month old triplets! It’s an interesting situation that often makes an “ordinary day” feel much more like a circus act.

After the triplets were born, they spent 10 days in the NICU learning how to eat and grow. The NICU experience was unfortunately not new to us, having spent 13 days there with their older sister Keona, one of the twins. It was during this second NICU stay that we got our first glimpse of what a challenge we were facing to care for the needs of 5 littles ones under the age of 3.

Since we’ve been home we have definitely been busy! Everyday brings at least 3 loads of laundry, 30 diaper changes, 6 hours of pumping, 21 feedings (or more)- Almost 100 oz. of milk, multiple outfit changes, and constantly revolving task of washing bottles and pump parts. All of this in addition to caring for our twins: 3 meals and snacks, potty training, conflict resolution, play time and crafts, bathing, reading books, and the list could go on and on. The twins have earned the term “twin-adoes” as they quickly leave a trail of toys in their path.

Luckily, the twins have blossomed into the MOST incredible big sisters. They are constantly putting pacifiers in babies mouths, helping with bottles, and giving their siblings hugs and kisses. The most important (and favorite) part of our job is getting 5 times the snuggles! Though we do have a big family with a LOT of needs, it is incredibly important to us that each individual child gets as many snuggles and kisses as possible. Luckily, we have been blessed with an incredible “village” of friends and family that have stepped up in a big way to help us achieve that goal. Often when people hear of our family dynamic they quickly call me “Super Mom”. Super tired? Yes. Super busy? You bet! Super blessed? Absolutely! But the truth is that I could never do any of it without my husband and my village.

When we first found out that we would be having triplets, the very first thing that I said to my husband, Robbie, was that we were going to have to be the absolute BEST version of ourselves. All we can pray for is that each day we will continue to better ourselves and our lives for the sake of these 5 little miracles. As the days go by we will continue to learn each child’s personalities/likes/dislikes a bit better, we’ll learn little parenting tricks to make our lives a bit easier, and we will work into a routine to help keep consistency in our home. Most importantly we will give these children every drop of love that we have in our hearts.. and then some.

In our 3 months as a family of 7, we have braved to get out of the house a few times. Getting 5 kids under 3 years old ready for a trip out of the house is stuff reality TV shows are made of! I can only imagine the spectacle we are running around the house collecting all of the things we need for even the shortest adventure out of the house. While we are out, I wish I could take pictures of the looks on people’s faces when they notice us! “Wait, you have twins AND triplets?!”, they say in disbelief. Yes, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

The phrase we hear the most often, sadly, is “I’m glad that it’s you and not me!”. Before you feel sorry for us though, please understand that though it may be five times the work, we also get five times the snuggles, kisses, laughs, memories and love. We may be outnumbered, busy and tired but if you think our hands are full, you should see our hearts! We fully believe that God does not give you more than you can handle, and for some reason He trusted us with these five beautiful souls.

The Sherwin family circus is officially in town! If you would like to join us in our adventure, please follow us at or on Facebook at

Meet Plano Mom, Lynea

Hello Moms! It’s time to meet another Plano Mom. Let’s all welcome Plano Mom, Lynea to the group. Come meet all about her.


Name: Lynea

Birthplace: Medford, OR


Occupation: Occupational Therapist

Family: 5-Month-old little boy
What’s on Her DVR?: Orange is the new black and crime TV shows
Favorite Plano Restaurant?: Whiskey Cake
Best Place for a Date Night: 6 Vines
Beverage of Choice: Beer and Wine
 Words She Lives By: Everything Happens for a Reason
Beauty Product She Cannot Live Without: Aveeno Moisturizer
Dream Vacation Place: Italy
If She had more time in the day she would?: Travel
Favorite Thing to Do in Plano: Downtown Plano, Walking, Skating, Biking

Meet Plano Mom, Kendall

Let’s welcome Plano Mom, Kendall! Come meet more about her and her family 🙂


 Name: Kendall
Birthplace: St. Louis
Occupation: Financial Analyst/ Fitness Instructor/Blogger at Being Berg
 Family: Married – husband David, Daughter 8 weeks old Kensington
What’s on Her DVR?: The White Princess, the beginning of Everything
Favorite Plano Restaurant?: Covinos
Best Place for a Date Night: Bob Woodruff park
Beverage of Choice: Margarita on the rocks
Words She Lives By: Everything happens for a reason
Favorite App: Instagram
Beauty Product She Cannot Live Without: Yves st Laurent vinyl creme lip stain
Dream Vacation Place: Santorini with my husband
If she had more time in the day she would?: Write a book
Favorite Thing to Do in Plano: Shop and grab a bite to eat in downtown Plano.
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Meet Plano Mom, Lisa

It’s time to meet our next Plano Mom. Help me welcome Plano Mom, Lisa!


Name: Lisa

Birthplace: Oklahoma City

Occupation: Stay at home mom and LuLaRoe Retailer

Family: Daughter Riley Bella (1) and Husband Nick, They both make her heart so full!
What’s on Her DVR?: Teen Mom (guilty pleasure) Game of Thrones
Favorite Plano Restaurant?: Maggianos
Best Place for a Date Night: Either the movies or dinner
Beverage of Choice: Sweet Tea
Words She Lives By: If you can’t make your own day, make someone else’s
Favorite App: Pinterest
Beauty Product She Cannot Live Without: Concealer (Hello Mommy bags!)
Dream Vacation Place: Greece
If she had more time in the day she would?: Read more books, take more pictures
Favorite Thing to Do in Plano:  Go to any parks with my daughter


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Meet Plano Mom, Marissa

Birthplace: Mexico, Adopted to the US at 6 weeks of age

Occupation: SAHM

Family/Kids: Husband Seth, sons Drew (20 currently in the Navy), Brad (15, soon to be a freshman at Clark), Tinsley 15 months old

What’s on her DVR:  The Bachelorette, Real Housewives, Million Dollar Listing New York

Favorite Plano Restaurant: Urban Crust

 Favorite date night spot around Plano: Fleming’s Steakhouse
 Beverage of choice: La Croix carbonated water
 Words she lives by:  “Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway.” John Wayne
 Favorite app: Pinterest, Poshmark, Instagram
Beauty product she can’t live without LipSense, Mary Kay Lash Intensity Mascara
 Dream vacation: Edinburgh, Scotland
 If she had more hours in the day, she would: Pursue her creative outlets
 Favorite thing to do in Plano:  Walk and bike the trails
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Meet Plano Mom, Carolina

Meet Plano Mom, Carolina

Birthplace: Cali – Colombia 

Occupation: Business Owner

Family/Kids: 3 Girls 

What’s on her DVR:  Bachelorette 

Favorite Plano Restaurant and why: Gloria’s 

Favorite date night spot around Plano:  Watter’s Creek (Allen)

Beverage of choice:  Corona

Words she lives by:  Empower other women/ God # 1

Favorite app:  Makeup 360

Beauty product she can’t live without: Motives Cosmetics 

Dream vacation:  Maui

If she had more hours in the day, she would: Be in the sun

Favorite thing to do in Plano:  Walks and Parks 


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Relocating to Plano: One Mom’s Journey

We have so many Plano Moms that are transplants all over the country and the world. Here’s one Mom’s story of the journey to relocate to Plano with her family. This story is written by Shailaja Keely. The images are hers. 

Relocation sounds so easy. I wish it was as simple as ‘just pick up your things and go’. If you’re married & have a toddler, like me, then you know it’s HUGE work.

I am from India & have come to this beautiful country, the United States of America, to pursue higher education in 2009. Soon, I began working as a consultant – got to explore new cities/states and had the opportunity to work with some of the best clients, learn about businesses and make good friends and memories along the way.

Even after traveling quite a few times, this is one of the biggest relocation I have ever done as I have been working for the same company in the last 5years. So, Kentucky will remain very special to me – I have not just built my memories but I’ve lived my dreams here. My life & myself as a person, have changed in more ways than I could describe. I made good friends, colleagues; got married to my best friend (who I dated for 10+ years), and went on to have our beautiful daughter.

Therefore, it took me a while to accept the idea of moving out of KY to TX, although I was informed about the upcoming move 2 years ago. It didn’t feel real & we kept putting our plans off until we got closer to the move time. I felt so lost, not knowing where to begin & my heart raced in many directions at once.

Very quickly I could see things picking up momentum and we began making a list of things to take care of amidst all of it. We could see pros, first one being weather (very similar to that of India’s climate); second, bigger city meant more opportunities, third, better schooling for our little one and lastly but importantly, have better flights back home (anyone who travels to India would agree that direct flights are much easier to manage). The biggest con for us right now is the expenses –it will be my personal expenses and not company provided. And, timing is off too – because of several companies (at least that I know of) moving to Plano, TX, the cities and neighborhood have gotten EXPENSIVE. So, it is a huge slam on our budgets.

Some of the questions we started off with were – where to live? Plano, Frisco, McKinney, etc. Should we get a house or rent an apartment? What about my daughter’s child care? It was a great accomplishment to get her used to the current child care and teachers around her. I still remember her first few weeks at the child care, (we started her childcare when she was 6 months old), I would spend almost anywhere between 1-2 hrs/day & then call her teachers almost every hour or two to ask how she was doing. Now, at 17months, she loves her daycare – made friends, loves all her teachers but also has a favorite one.

And, what we dread the most? PACKING!! Being a working woman & a first-time mom to a toddler (do I need to say that hubby is a grown-up kid here?) is a challenge. It was not until maybe 2 weeks ago that reality hit us hard and we began to realize all the tasks. I know we want to live in McKinney, TX but a school for my daughter is still work in progress. Other laundry lists of things to do would be to – setup electric, internet, water connections; get renter’s insurance, and then disconnect all the said services in KY etc.

I do picture my sweet family, holding our hands, walking along the parks, nature trails or even shop at the Galleria of Dallas or Allen Premium Outlets. I can imagine us with almost no jacket/winter gear every winter or shovel the snow from our cars. I might be walking into hails but that’s a different story. I just hope my daughter someday understands how special KY is to us, as a family, and as her birth place. Right now, she is keeping mommy busy – by unpacking everything her dad & I packed ;). If this continues, it might take forever for us to move out of here.

Looking forward to seeing you all in Plano, TX.

Meet Plano Mom, Uma

Meet Plano Mom, Uma

Birthplace: Pune, India

Occupation: Owner,  Pastry Chef at Tart-a-licious

Family/Kids: 1 husband (of 9 years) and 2 boys (Avyaan- 4 yr and Advay – 2 yr)

What’s on her DVR:  I don’t use DVR. I love watching ‘The Chef’s Table’ and ‘Abstract’ on Netflix. I am also catching up on Games of Thrones

Favorite Plano Restaurant and why: R Tacos – Love their tacos and frozen margaritas, Mah-Jong Chinese Kitchen, Sushi Lover

Favorite date night spot around Plano:  60Vines

Beverage of choice:  Martini Bianco, Bold Red Wines, Cold Beer

Words she lives by:  Never Give Up

Favorite app:  Canva (for Instagram)

Beauty product she can’t live without: Good Fox Co’s Red Tea; Rose- Body Oil

Dream vacation:  Paris 

If she had more hours in the day, she would: Bake Some More 🙂

Favorite thing to do in PlanoExplore places to eat (for me) and playgrounds (for kids). I am looking forward to the Balloon Festivals that I have heard so much about.

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Meet Plano Mom, Courtney

Meet Plano Mom, Courtney Echols

Birthplace: San Francisco 

Occupation: Special Events Manager, Fitness Instructor

Family/Kids: Ripken (4), Millie (2)

What’s on her DVR:  This is Us

Favorite Plano Restaurant: Urban Rio

Favorite date night spot around Plano:  Sixty Vines

Beverage of choice:  Green Juice

Words she lives by:  ‘You are your only limit’

Favorite app:  Mindy Body

Beauty product she can’t live without: Daily moisturizer and sunscreen

Dream vacation:  Anywhere with a beach

If she had more hours in the day, she would: Make a home garden

Favorite thing to do in Plano:  Live, Work, Play

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