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Entertain your Family this Summer and earn Dosh too!


As a Work-from-home Mom, I am balancing my workload with entertaining the kids too. I also have visitors from out-of-town so I’m using the time to be a tourist in the city.

What if I told you that for every Dollar I spend on day trips, passes and admission into local places that I could get automatic cash-back on every purchase, without redeeming any coupons and all from my Smartphone?

Sounds good, right?

I recently downloaded a new app, called Dosh. It’s simple.

You connect your payment cards (don’t worry about security, your data is safe!) and you can filter through Hotels & Activities and book right within the app. The pricing is among the best I have seen. For everything I book through the App, I get automatic cash back on my App which I can redeem whenever I like!

Not only that, but every time I take my family to eat out, we get a % cashback on every meal.

Think local places like Dugg Burger or Hash House a Go Go!


And when I need to cool off and let the kids blow off some steam, I can take them to Chuck E Cheese and get a win-win out of it. Let the kids play and eat and I get cash back.

Over the Summer, I will get 5% cash back on purchases over $30!

You have to try it.

When you download it and connect your cards you start earning Dosh straight away. And if you refer your friends you’ll get $5 when they get their first Dosh too.

Are you ready? Get Dosh NOW


The Best Facebook Groups to Sell Your Stuff

Do you have some extra clutter around and don’t know how and what to do with it? Now there’s a way that is easy to make a little money and clean out, selling stuff in Facebook groups! You can make some great extra money by selling in Facebook groups. Here’s a list of the Best Facebook Groups to Sell Your Stuff.

Don’t have time for a full yard/garage sale? Sell your stuff on Facebook!

Babies and Kids

Collin County Kids Sell Swap

Kids Stuff~ Sell/Swap/Give

Children’s Plano/Allen/Frisco/McKinney Garage Sale

Plano Moms Sell/Swap/Give   This is for non-kid stuff as well



Collin County Furniture 

Frisco Furniture and Home Decor 


Everyday Items:

Sell/Swap/Give Mckinney/Allen/Plano

Garage Sale! Plano/Allen/Frisco

Plano/Frisco/Allen/McKinney Online Garage Sale


Most of the groups work the same but make sure you read all the rules. You will list your items to sell and prices as well as location. Others will comment that they want to buy. You will private message the people back and forth and come up with a location to sell. I would advise meeting in a public place if you do not know the person. I have never had a problem selling before but I know others that have. Sometimes I leave my items as a ‘porch pick up’ and the buyer leaves money under the mat for me. If you have problems with sellers or buyers make sure you reach out to the admins in the group.

Now that summer is here you can clean out and make some extra cash! Start an envelope system and add money into it for play money like going to the movies or getting ice-cream. Kids will be motivated to help you if they are earning something from it too!

Kid’s Consignment Sales

Every Mom knows that kids outgrow their clothes so fast. Sometimes you buy something and before they can even wear it it’s too small. A great thing to do with gently worn clothes is to consign them. Doing this can make you a little money or sometimes store credit to purchase some newer clothes for your kids. Here are some great places around Plano to consign kid’s clothes.

Store Locations in Plano

*Once Upon a Child: 7200 Independence Parkway  There is also one in McKinney. This store will take year round clothes. Call ahead for bigger items before bringing it up there! No appointment necessary to consign, but you might have to wait or come back a few hours later for your money. Try to bring clothes during the week, weekends are very busy.  When you get an offer, you can get cash or store credit.  Here is what they buy. 

*Kid to Kid  6405 W Parker Road  They buy seasons all year round and MATERNITY! (They don’t have a lot but maybe you can sell your old maternity clothes!) They do have a new policy that only 1 laundry basket of clothes is allowed to consign. Call the store for more details and to see if appointments are needed.

Yearly Bigger Consignment Sales:

*Just Between Friends This is a great place to sell and buy gently worn clothes. They have yearly sales in the Fall and Spring so check their website for more info.

*Divine Consign The largest and longest-running children’s consignment sale in the Plano area! Sales are 2X a year and also great to buy and sell. The sales happen in late summer and February (ish) for spring. Check the site for the next sales and sign up to consign and sell your clothes. They will send you a check after the sale. I’ve consigned in with them for years and love it. If you sign up to volunteer you can get into the sale early and get a discount as well. A great team of Moms!

*Rhea Lana’s (Frisco)  This is a newer consignment to the area but fastly growing. Similar to the above they have yearly sales in Frisco. You can also volunteer and get a discount and passes into the sales early!


Selling kid’s clothes does take some work. Make sure you check out the rules for the sale and follow them. The yearly sales places and even stores can be picky and anything with small stains or holes will not be allowed to be sold. Another option is to sell in Facebook group places like Plano Moms Sell/Swap/Give. 

Work From Home Jobs for Moms

As Moms, it’s nice to be able to bring some additional income to help out your family. It can be hard juggling kids and work, especially with younger kids not in school yet. Here are some great places to research and check out that are work from home jobs.

*Hilton Hotels: hires work from home positions that include home reservations and customer care center.

  • Amazon: work for the virtual call center as a customer service agent

*VIPKid:  Teach English online to students in China. Must hold a Bachelor’s degree. They send you all the lessons and you teach it from the comfort of your home. The only complaint I’ve heard is the time difference makes you have to work really early in the am hours but check into this. (Edited: June 2017 A current VIPKid teacher says you do not have to have a teacher’s certification!)

Education First: Possible online teaching.

*Start a Home Business: There are so many home businesses you can check out! From Norwex cleaning products, selling jewelry, and clothing! I bet you’ve seen your friends selling on Facebook. Ask them the details and see if it might be a good fit for you.

*Data Entry: Lots of businesses are seeking data entry help. This might be something you do after hours or during nap times. Google ‘data entry’ and see if anything comes up that will work. Check Facebook groups for other data entry possibilities.

*Sell Your Own Goods: Are you crafty or good at sewing? Try selling on Etsy if you are! You can make great money and work totally from home on your own schedule.

*Take Pictures or Sell Pictures: If you are good behind the lens you can try taking pictures of others. Photographers are in high demand around here! If you don’t want to take pictures of people then try doing buildings and other photos of nature. Many online photo websites like Shutterstock will pay you for stock photos!

*Other Virtual Customer Service Jobs: Many companies will pay you to do virtual assistant work including Arise. Check their site to see if they are hiring.

The best thing you can do is ask friends and family. Lots of businesses sometimes need temp work and it’s always a place to start. As always, check Plano Moms Talk for ideas from other Moms.

Do you know of any work from home jobs that would be great for Moms? Share your ideas with us below!