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How to Keep Your Kids Safe on Social Media

How do we keep our kids safe on social media is one of the most talked about topics when I meet up with my fellow neighborhood Moms. We’ve been discussing it since our kids were in kindergarten. Sadly, things are not getting any easier. If anything, things are getting harder! There are so many more hidden dangers and secret ways for kids to hide things on their phones.

If you have a teenager or a soon to be teenager,  then you know they are all about their phones and social media. Whenever your family decides to allow your kids to have access to phones/social media, it’s important to know some ways to keep everyone safe and stay ahead of the game.

Here are some basic facts about kids and social media.

  • Nearly 15 million teens in the U.S. were “social network users,” and nearly two million
    children (three to 11 years old) also used social networking websites
  • Among teens 12 to 17 years old, 65% have a profile on an online social network
  • 84% of teens polled said they have a Facebook profile
  • 52% of teens have given out personal information online to someone they don’t know offline,
    and one in four (25%) have shared personal photos and/or physical descriptions of themselves
    (twice as many girls as boys)

(Taken from

As we can all see, technology isn’t going anywhere. We need to be in the know of things around us to keep our children safe. These are some scary facts!! Are you prepared for your kids to be on social media? What are your rules and regulations for them? Here are some ideas.

  • Start early talking to your children about social media
  • Set some ground rules
  • Limit their time allowed online
  • Discuss what is appropriate on and offline

Tell them to remember that Nothing is secret when it comes to social media. My kids are still young so luckily we’re not there yet with the phones but we only allow Ipad/laptop use in common areas where we can see. My daughter also has time limits and certain things she can and cannot go to.

What ground rules do you set??? Do you check or monitor their phones? The good news is that there are constantly new apps and ways for parents to stay on top of safety with parental apps and monitoring programs. Here are 2 apps to download and look at to see if they fit your needs:

MM Guardian

Protection for Kids, Peace of Minds for Parents

Advantages: Set time limits for usage, block apps and websites (including porn), parents can view browsing history, prevent sexting and cyber-bullying, get a location of child’s phone at all times, see how much they are texting and who they are texting to.

Cost: Varies/They have monthly subscriptions to try or other plans to try depending on a number of devices.

Advantages:  Block phone numbers, set restrictions, and limits, monitor text message, and activity, time location tracking, more.  You can determine who they can and can’t communicate with, block websites, activity, and more.

Cost: $89 per year

I’m definitely (like many of you Moms) learning as I go with this tricky situation. My oldest is just starting to be at the age where she wants a phone and other devices and I know as her Mom I have to protect her. I want to hear from you and your experience. What are you doing to keep your kids safe on social media?? Let’s band together and help one another with this!

Keeping Kids Safe on Social Media

Looking for Fun Things to Do this Fall? Check out this awesome list of Fall Festivals.

Come to our next event – Plano Moms Plant & Sip!

plano moms plant and sip

We love coming together and meeting each other. Here is a great fun night out for all y’all!

City Central Plano would like to invite you to our Plano Mom’s Plant and Sip Night Out

on Thursday, September 28th from 7:30 to 10:00 pm.

This will be a great opportunity for you to check out City Central’s amazing office and Co-working space while meeting other moms and having a great night!

They are conveniently located in Plano off of Spring Creek Parkway and the Dallas North Tollway.

You need to experience Plant and Sip. Through Plant and Sip, you get to plant and design your very own exotic succulent terrarium while enjoying food and drinks with your friends!

It’s an experience, a full teaching class, combined with Mommy Mixing for y’all to meet each other.

Plano Moms Plant and Sip

The Plant and Sip family has a love for all things nature. Their plants are bought from a family farm ensuring they get the very best quality while supporting fellow plant enthusiasts. Their love for nature doesn’t stop with plants. To be part of the Plant and Sip team, you have to have a love for animals and be willing to donate some of your time to local shelters and rescue groups. Three times a year, Plant and Sip holds fundraisers for their little friends where 100% of the proceeds go to local animal shelters.

Sooooo, to sum it up, come with friends to drink, eat, laugh, and create something cool!.. !

They will be giving away massages, one month of free coworking and other awesome door prizes our in-house massage therapist and we will have a In House Massage Therapist also giving away for door prizes. This is not to be missed!

Plano Moms Plant and Sip Women

Registration is only $20 (Wine and Beer Sips and Nibbles included) and includes your very own succulent terrarium.

Space is limited so register today!

Join us to talk about Car Seat Safety – get local tips and enter our giveaway for a new Britax Infant Car Seat!

All Moms are concerned about protecting their families. For new Moms and Moms of newborns, toddlers and growing kids it is vital that we find out about child car seat safety and keep updated with new models that become available.

Children need to remain in the backseat until they are 13 – did you know that? It’s a great time to remind ourselves about important safety tips, attend a fun event and enter our Giveaway!

Remember when you were a new Mom with a Newborn Baby? Or are you Pregnant or have a Newborn and planning ahead to bring your baby home?

Britax new Endeavours Car Seat

You might be planning to upgrade your car if you are adding a 2nd, 3rd or 4th child (or even more!) to your family. It takes some research to find the right car for you! We see tons of Moms swapping their suggestions in our Facebook group.

In addition to a new Car, we also look for a new Car Seat for our Newborn. Britax is front of mind in terms of Infant Car Seat Safety. If you are considering an Infant Car Seat Purchase soon, there is no better time than to come and meet representatives from Britax during Child Passenger Safety Week at a unique event on September 20th

It worries me to think that studies show that nearly three out of four children ride in car seats that are either installed or used incorrectly.

Are you #RideShareReady?  What about if you need to use an Uber or are riding in a Taxi? Do you know how to install the seat you have correctly in someone else’s car without a base?

Be Rideshare Ready for Car Seat Safety

Having representatives ready to demonstrate car seat installations and share their child safety tips in one easy location is a great opportunity!

Join me and meet representatives at the #TestDriveParenthood event

at Park Place Lexus Grapevine on Wednesday, September 20 @ 11 A.M – RSVP here

You can leave rest assured that you are equipped with the latest know-how from Britax having seen the latest family-friendly Lexus models that are available. Britax are also going to be showing us the innovative brand new Endeavours Car Seat, which is packed with safety features.

Don’t go yet!

Thanks to the great folks at Britax and SheBuysCars, we have 1 Endeavours Infant Car Seat to giveaway worth $299

Want to win one of eight (8) Britax Endeavours infant car seats?

How to enter:

Plano Moms Giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway

She Buys Cars Giveaway
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Must be 18 or older to enter, US addresses only. No purchase is necessary to win. Void where prohibited. Must fill out Rafflecopter form.
Small print: Entries open until September 30. Contest open to U.S. residents only. The car seat prize value ($299), prize cannot be substituted for cash or other merchandise and cannot be shipped outside of the United States;

Still want to know more

Disclosure: All opinions are those of Plano Moms. This post may contain affiliate links and/or product(s) sent from companies or their PR team for editorial consideration. For more information, please view my disclosure policy.

Meet Plano Mom, Alicia


Birthplace: Dallas, TX

Occupation: UXUI Designer, Calligrapher, Photographer

Family: Married and mothering. Husband: Ray + 4month Daughter: Audrey Victoria

What’s on Her DVR?: My 4month old laughing out loud do the first time 💕
Favorite Plano Restaurant?: Mexican Sugar, Shops of Legacy
Best Place for a Date Night: Shops of Legacy, you’ll always find something to do.
Beverage of Choice: Moscow Mule, but first Coffee…
Words She Lives By: “Grace not perfection.”
Favorite App: VSCO app
Beauty Product She Cannot Live Without: FRESH rose lip balm
Dream Vacation Place: Paris, France
If she had more time in the day she would?: Get more sleep. 😊
Favorite Thing to Do in Plano: Walk or bike the Arbor Hills Nature Preserve
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Meet Plano Mom, Lynea

Hello Moms! It’s time to meet another Plano Mom. Let’s all welcome Plano Mom, Lynea to the group. Come meet all about her.


Name: Lynea

Birthplace: Medford, OR


Occupation: Occupational Therapist

Family: 5-Month-old little boy
What’s on Her DVR?: Orange is the new black and crime TV shows
Favorite Plano Restaurant?: Whiskey Cake
Best Place for a Date Night: 6 Vines
Beverage of Choice: Beer and Wine
 Words She Lives By: Everything Happens for a Reason
Beauty Product She Cannot Live Without: Aveeno Moisturizer
Dream Vacation Place: Italy
If She had more time in the day she would?: Travel
Favorite Thing to Do in Plano: Downtown Plano, Walking, Skating, Biking

Reasons to Join a Local Moms Group

Now that schools sessions are about to start up again for the fall, have you ever thought about joining a local Moms group? Maybe you are new to town or your kids are starting school?  There are several groups around Plano and the surrounding area that has some great meet ups so now is the time to get together and meet some new Mommy friends!


Local Moms Groups

 Make this time for yourself, You need Community!

Reasons to Join a Moms Group

Reasons to Join a Moms Group

You’re here reading this post wondering why should I join a moms group? Even if you are new in town or have lived here forever it’s important for your entire well being to be able to meet talk amongst adults every once in awhile! Most of these moms groups meet once a week for less than an hour. Anyone is welcome. Some do a service project together but mostly it’s for friendship and community. This will be a time for support and encouragement, and if nothing else some good adult conversation!

These groups will all have you with similar aged kids or stages so it’s definitely something to consider. Most of these groups meet just once a week for a short time.

What are you waiting for? Check out some of these awesome local Moms groups and let us know which one is your favorite and why!

How to Survive the DMV

One of the most dreaded chores you will do is going to the DMV to renew your license, take a drivers test, or change names on documents. I say dreaded because if you’ve lived here long enough you’ve heard horror stories of hours and hours of waiting time and other issues. Luckily Plano Moms know some tricks to help you. Here is a guide on how to Survive the DMV.


The DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) is located in a few places across the metroplex. Here are some locations that might be close to you.

Here’s the good news, you can renew do a lot of these online now so check to see if you qualify for online renewal and changes. A new change is now you can MAKE AN APPOINTMENT to ‘check in’ online and this will save you hours!

Make an On-Line Appointment To:

  • Renew/Replace your DL
  • Get a First Time Texas DL/ID/Permit
  • Change Address or Name
  • Take a Written Test or Add Endorsement

I can speak from experience with this because recently I had to renew my DL. I knew it was time because I got something in the mail as a reminder. 6 years ago I renewed online so now I had to go in the office. Poor me. I was dreading this all summer long! I got up early one morning and went to this website, clicked to renew my DL, chose the Plano location, and was able to check in online. I received a text with a time to arrive.

Upon arrival, the line was around the corner of the building. It looked like people had been waiting for hours! (and come to find out they actually had!) They started calling out appointment times and once they called mine I was able to get in, sign in and get a number. Next, the waiting started. I had to wait about 50 minutes until my number was called. This was agony. It was hot, people were frustrated, and it felt like forever!

Just be prepared that even when you have an appointment you will have to wait!!

Here are my tips:

  1. If you can renew or make changes online then do this first! That’s the best!
  2. If you have to go in then make an appointment. Try to get online to make your appointment before 10 am (this will get you in earlier in the day so they won’t be as backed up!)
  3. Bring reading material or something to do when you wait!
  4. Don’t bring kids (if you don’t have to!)
  5. Try to do in the middle of the work week and not in the summer time (if you don’t have to!)

Relocating to Plano: One Mom’s Journey

We have so many Plano Moms that are transplants all over the country and the world. Here’s one Mom’s story of the journey to relocate to Plano with her family. This story is written by Shailaja Keely. The images are hers. 

Relocation sounds so easy. I wish it was as simple as ‘just pick up your things and go’. If you’re married & have a toddler, like me, then you know it’s HUGE work.

I am from India & have come to this beautiful country, the United States of America, to pursue higher education in 2009. Soon, I began working as a consultant – got to explore new cities/states and had the opportunity to work with some of the best clients, learn about businesses and make good friends and memories along the way.

Even after traveling quite a few times, this is one of the biggest relocation I have ever done as I have been working for the same company in the last 5years. So, Kentucky will remain very special to me – I have not just built my memories but I’ve lived my dreams here. My life & myself as a person, have changed in more ways than I could describe. I made good friends, colleagues; got married to my best friend (who I dated for 10+ years), and went on to have our beautiful daughter.

Therefore, it took me a while to accept the idea of moving out of KY to TX, although I was informed about the upcoming move 2 years ago. It didn’t feel real & we kept putting our plans off until we got closer to the move time. I felt so lost, not knowing where to begin & my heart raced in many directions at once.

Very quickly I could see things picking up momentum and we began making a list of things to take care of amidst all of it. We could see pros, first one being weather (very similar to that of India’s climate); second, bigger city meant more opportunities, third, better schooling for our little one and lastly but importantly, have better flights back home (anyone who travels to India would agree that direct flights are much easier to manage). The biggest con for us right now is the expenses –it will be my personal expenses and not company provided. And, timing is off too – because of several companies (at least that I know of) moving to Plano, TX, the cities and neighborhood have gotten EXPENSIVE. So, it is a huge slam on our budgets.

Some of the questions we started off with were – where to live? Plano, Frisco, McKinney, etc. Should we get a house or rent an apartment? What about my daughter’s child care? It was a great accomplishment to get her used to the current child care and teachers around her. I still remember her first few weeks at the child care, (we started her childcare when she was 6 months old), I would spend almost anywhere between 1-2 hrs/day & then call her teachers almost every hour or two to ask how she was doing. Now, at 17months, she loves her daycare – made friends, loves all her teachers but also has a favorite one.

And, what we dread the most? PACKING!! Being a working woman & a first-time mom to a toddler (do I need to say that hubby is a grown-up kid here?) is a challenge. It was not until maybe 2 weeks ago that reality hit us hard and we began to realize all the tasks. I know we want to live in McKinney, TX but a school for my daughter is still work in progress. Other laundry lists of things to do would be to – setup electric, internet, water connections; get renter’s insurance, and then disconnect all the said services in KY etc.

I do picture my sweet family, holding our hands, walking along the parks, nature trails or even shop at the Galleria of Dallas or Allen Premium Outlets. I can imagine us with almost no jacket/winter gear every winter or shovel the snow from our cars. I might be walking into hails but that’s a different story. I just hope my daughter someday understands how special KY is to us, as a family, and as her birth place. Right now, she is keeping mommy busy – by unpacking everything her dad & I packed ;). If this continues, it might take forever for us to move out of here.

Looking forward to seeing you all in Plano, TX.

The Practical (mom) Meets the Fashionable (mom)!

Based in Dallas, Bag Bug is a designer house of innovative accessories, bridging the gap between the fashionable and the practical. The first patent-pending product designed by a woman for women is the Bag Bug™, an accessory created to help keep your handbag from constantly slipping off the shoulder, while adding comfort, and accessory appeal.

The Bag Bug™ can also be used to keep your purse off the floor by hanging it on the corner of a table, bar, or countertop, as well as on the back of a (round) chair! Bag Bug™. Wear it, Love it, Adore it.

The Bag Bug™ can be used on both round and flat straps, and most strap materials (cloth, leather, plastic, rope).


How to wear your Bag Bug™:

Everyone’s shoulders are different. You may have more than one handbag or diaper bag that you like to use. Because of this, my recommendation is for you to test different areas of your shoulder for the “sweet spot” of comfort. For me, the Bag Bug™ feels most comfortable toward the front of my shoulder. For others, that sweet spot is right in the middle of the shoulder. So, play with it, move it around and find your comfortable sweet spot! Keep in mind that sweet spot may be different when you switch purses and/or strap types.


How to select the shape of your Bag Bug™:

The best way to decide which shape of Bag Bug™  to get for your purse is to determine if the majority of your purses have round or flat straps, to begin with.  Tip: If the straps are flat and thick, the round shaped Bag Bug™ works best as it opens up wider and holds wider straps than the flat shaped Bag Bug™.

The Bag Bug™ can be used on most types of bags: Cocktail purses, small, medium, large and extra-large purses, with flat or round straps, including laptop and diaper bags.


How to attach and remove the Bag Bug™ to your purse: Whether you have 1 or 2 straps, it’s easy as 1, 2, 3!

Attaching the Bag Bug™ onto your handbag with a Round Strap(s) or Flat Strap(s):

  1. Widen the opening of the Bag Bug™ with your hands. Don’t be afraid to open it; it’s stainless steel so it’s strong material and won’t break on you (just don’t open it to 90 degrees). Slip your strap(s) through to the middle or back edge of the Bag Bug™. Depending on the size and thickness of your straps, you will be able to fit both or only 1 strap through the Bag Bug™. Nevertheless, the Bag Bug™ will keep both straps on your shoulder, as long as you wear it correctly.
  2. Once your straps are inside the Bag Bug™, press down strongly to close the Bag Bug™ over the straps so that it works properly and doesn’t slip off. This is the most important step! You don’t want to lose your Bag Bug™!

Here’s a helpful video that demonstrates how to attach your Bag Bug™, and shows you how to get the most out of your Bag Bug™!

Removing the Bag Bug™ from your handbag with a Round Strap(s) or Flat Strap(s):

  1. Widen the opening of the Bag Bug™ enough for the strap(s) of your purse to slip out easily. This will prevent your straps from being scratched by the Bag Bug™.

Note: The Bag Bug™ is designed to remain on the strap(s) you place it on. You can remove it at any time and it can be used daily.

How to select the color of your Bag Bug™:

I like to match the color of the purse’s hardware (the metal clasps, buckles, etc) to the color of the Bag Bug™. Each Bag Bug™ comes in 3 different colors: Silver, gold-plated, and rose gold-plated.

An offer for Plano Moms: Through the end of June only, get any Bag Bug™ online for just $29!!! That’s a saving of 30% to 60%!! To redeem, simply go to, select your Bag Bug™ from the Boutique tab of the website, and at checkout enter the


Any other time, if you’re a Plano Mom, you get 25% OFF any Bag Bug™ purchased online.

To redeem, simply go to, select your Bag Bug™ from the Boutique tab of the website, and at checkout enter the PROMO CODE: PLANOMOMS25%

To keep up with Bag Bug, follow them on Facebook and Instagram.


Our Mommy Mixer

Have you ever been to a Mommy Mixer?

We have now had two events this year so far. It’s long awaited for many of our moms who were looking for their new BFF!

Our Plano Moms team know that you have moved to Plano, TX from someplace else or simply found it hard to meet new friends and this event was perfect for meeting that need.

Our Plano Moms Mommy Mixer team included Lauren, Jaime and Susan who were there to run the event on April 29th and August 5th at Celebrity Café & Bakery.

Susan said “The Mommy Mixer went AMAZING!  It really was a great event and the ladies loved it”

Upon arrival, our moms got Name-tags and stickers with their name/email address. Ideal for swapping with new friends, they were very popular!

All the moms had free chances to win fabulous door prizes from some of our own Mompreneurs offering gift certificates for all types of products and services – from Hair & Make Up, Personal Training, Custom gifts, Clothing and much more!

Speed Mommy Dating needs to be planned, right? We matched our moms based on nearby locations and age of kids for maximum success.

Our timings meant that each pair of moms had a chance to chat and move around with some question ideas for inspiration.

Lots of stickers were swapped & many have become Facebook friends and already arranged meet-ups!

Celebrity Café & Bakery ensured that our ladies were fueled with a great buffet and soft drinks. Many of our moms brought their own wine and beer and shared among each other

“This really was so much fun! I definitely enjoyed myself and I can’t even begin to tell you how thankful I am for this event. Having moved here last summer I just haven’t really had the chance to meet very many people and with this event I was able to connect with moms I may have never met. I feel like I have the beginnings for some really great friendships all because of this event. I truly am very grateful to everyone that helped to organize and run this. Thank you so much for creating such a fun way to make new friends” – Sydney, a Plano Mom.

Who wants another one? Our first Mommy Mixer was a success and we are busy planning our next one!



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